Dobson, Jillian (Richmond Hill, ON)

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Jillian is a member of The Writers Union of Canada (TWUC), the Canadian Society of Children’s Authors Illustrators and Performers (CANSCAIP), the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) and the CCBC.

Jillian is the author of GIRL TAKES DRASTIC STEP!: How Molly Lamb Bobak Became Canada’s First Official Woman War Artist with artwork by Genevieve Simms. This is an inspirational story of perseverance through art with the title drawn directly from the first page of Molly Lamb Bobak’s World War II war diary.

In Person Rates: $200 for one session (45 mins) Plus a travel fee of $0.50/km if outside of Greater Toronto Area. Virtual visits (30 mins) $150 (All visits subject to HST).

This book and presentation would support the following subjects and themes:

Canadian History/World War II History/Art History/Art/English/Remembrance Day/International Women’s Day/Women’s History Month

Jillian is an experienced presenter and will engage young readers in the story of hard work and determination of how Molly Lamb Bobak followed her dream and became Canada’s first official woman war artist. Jillian will highlight how author and illustrator work together and the research process for this book including a glimpse of pages of Molly’s war diary.

A live reading of the book followed by an introductory discussion and visual presentation about how women enlisted in the Canadian Women’s Army Corp during WWII and what that experience was like for them based on Molly Lamb Bobak’s headline style journal.

An engaging hands-on activity will encourage students to document, through writing and various mediums of art including sketching, doodling and drawing what goes on in their lives and classrooms in a unique way. Students will work on activity sheets to write their own headlines and then work as reporters to create a shared classroom headline journal.

For older grades there will be a discussion about perseverance and following your dreams based on the story with art prompts for creating a dream journal.

English language presentations for grades K-6 with a maximum per group of 30 with teacher or librarian present. Jillian will gladly collaborate with teachers or librarians to tailor the presentation to the interests and needs of the participants. Personalized and signed books may be ordered in advance and information will be provided to the organizer.

Virtual Presentations:

Reading and interactive online activity of building a classroom headline journal page or guided instruction through activity sheet shared with teacher/librarian in advance. Grades 1-6 – 45 minutes.

Library Visits: (Pre-school to grade 6)

Interactive reading followed by guided multi-media worksheet activity to create a headline journal page.

Technology required: Screen or area to project, table and chair or stool

Contact Jillian to book a visit:

    Tondreau-Levert, Louise (Grenville-sur-la-Rouge, Québec)

    Louise Tondreau-Levert

    Writers’ Union Member (UNEQ). AAOF (Association des auteurs de l’Ontario Francophone). CCBC (Canadian Children’s Books Center). Fiction, short stories, picture books and illustrated biography of Louis Riel.  

    Louise is a member of the “Union des écrivains” (UNEQ).

    Novels and first reading books, picture books and an illustrated biography of Louis Riel.

    In-Person Visits:  From 4 to 14 years $250 for 1 session, $400 for 2, $575 for 3 and 700$ for 4, + travel (50 cents per kilometer, round-trip from GSLR near Hawkesbury. [6 km] Lodging and meals if necessary are at the expense of the host organization.

    Virtual Visits: $250, for one session, 20–60 minutes, $100 for each additional session on the same day.

    A native of Montreal Louise Tondreau-Levert holds a certificate in childhood and youth literature from UQAM. For 10 years, she prepared and hosted “Storytime” at her local library. In October 1994, her text “Le grand lit de la petite Mimi” received the first prize in the literary competition of the magazine Lurelu. In November 1996 “Le lit à grimaces” was published by “Les 400 coups” and in 1997 it was among the finalists for  the Mr. Christie prize. Since then, Louise has published several short stories as well as many books such as those of the series “Virevent le petit fantôme” for the editor “Le soleil de minuit”, as well as the series “Les bêtises” and “Drôle de boulot” at “Dominique et compagnie”

    Louise is a flexible presenter. No two groups are ever the same and no two of her presentations are ever the same. She much prefers to interact with her audience than to give a dry presentation.

    From the 2nd grade,to improve interest in the activity reading of one or two of the author’s texts is suggested before her visit.

    For students from 10 to 14 years old the author suggests learning a bit of history with the novel “Le roman-vérité Louis Riel.” Others suggestions:  Sharing the daily life of children in Western Canada when Louis Riel was a child and during his adolescence when he attended Montreal College, taking a look at the history of Western Canada from the buffalo hunt to the founding of the province of Manitoba.

    For an overview of the Algonquin language check out Louise’s book, “Le secret de la lanterne”  written in French and in Algonquin.

    From 7 to 9 years old, the author reads one or two of the books in the series “Virevent le petit fantôme.” ( 5 books). She explains how the small ghost gets to meet children even if his mother does not agree. A documentary follows every short story. The subjects of the documentaries are bats, castles, storms, manatees, pigeons and peregrine falcons.

    From 4 to 7 years old, the animation takes the form of storytelling with among others, the albums, “Museau et l’œuf,” “Les monstres du prince Louis,” and “Le lit à grimaces.”

    6 to 10 years old, Une délicieuse compétition

     The author gives the definition of the word “competition” and then lists a few synonyms. After reading the book, “une délicieuse compétition,” which is projected on the class screen, Louise asks: should we pronounce, bretzels or pretzels? Where does this bread come from? Are there any cake names in this album that seem strange to you? Do these names have any other meaning? Then, she offers a friendly match between schoolmates. The team that can remember the more names of breads and cakes mentioned in the story wins!

    All the  author’s books are projected on the «Interactive Board». She brings her computer and all necessary connections. One class at a time or a maximum of 35 participants. 

    Contact Louise to book a visit…

      Hohn, Nadia (Toronto)

      The Writers Union member. Picture book. All ages. $350 for 1 session (60 min) $ 600 for 2 sessions of 60 minutes (1/2 day)$ 400 for 2 x 30 minute sessions (great for JK to 1). Full day (4 sessions) $ 1000. + kilometrage. Can present in English and French.

      Nadia is fully booked for the remainder of the 2021/2022 school season. She is currently scheduling for the 2022/2023 school year. 

      Malaika’s Costume (2016) and Malaika’s Winter Carnival (2017).

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