Button, Lana (Burlington, ON)

Writer’s Union Member. English presentations for kindergarten to grade 3, and grades 4-8.

Virtual visits are $150 for a 45-minute presentation.

In-person rates are $350 for one 45-minute presentation, $500 for two presentations,
$750 for three presentations and $1000 for a full day of four presentations. These include tax and travel.

Lana is a picture book author and early childhood educator who specializes in presenting to younger grades.

Lana Button is a children’s author, educator and entertainer who is passionate about supporting, encouraging and entertaining young children. Her books support empathy, self-reliance, resilience and anti-bullying behaviors. They have been shortlisted for several awards, including the Blue Spruce Award and the Shining Willow Award. Her books have been recognized as CCBC’s Best Bets, Bank Street Book, and the IBBY Outstanding Book for Young Children.

Lana will be offering individual pre-recorded presentations for schools.

Virtual Recorded Author Presentation and Q and A (45 minutes) Cost-$200

Lana records your full-length private session, personalized to your classrooms, and provides you with a link that allows you to share the presentation with several small groups within your school for a set period of time. This format allows for small groups to each use the presentation when it fits their timeline. If classes are split up, the sessions can be played more than once. And if schools switch from face to face to virtual, the link can still be played for all students. This format also protects the privacy of each student, whether they are learning in the classroom or at home. Lana will personalize your presentation with a back-and-forth Q and A session where both Lana and the students send questions ahead of time.

Students and staff have the option to order personalized, signed books which will be delivered to your school. Lana will provide an order form.

Willow Series Presentation (45 Minutes)
Recommended for grades K-3
In this 45-minute presentation Lana shares her journey of bringing Willow to life with a literary step-by step lesson on how a picture book is made, told in an engaging, interactive age-appropriate way. Her session includes read-aloud, discussion and activity with the following books:
Willow’s Whispers -discussing empathy, self-esteem and self-reliance
Willow Finds a Way -recognizing bullying behavior and ways to stand up to bullying
Willow’s Smile -recognizing emotions in ourselves and in our peers, as well as facing a challenging task

Rhyming Read-Aloud Presentation (45 minutes)
Recommended for grades K-3
In this 45-minute presentation Lana discusses her writing process for making a rhyming picture book. The students are invited to discover rhyme, rhythm and beat in a rhyming story. Her session includes read-aloud, discussion and activity with the following books:
My Teacher’s Not Here! -identifying rhythm and beat and discussing an ‘unplanned day’
What if Bunny’s Not a Bully? -identifying bullying behaviors
Raj’s Rule (For the Bathroom at School) -discussing resilience and participating in a theme related activity

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    Barker, Michelle (Vancouver)

    Vancouver. Writers’ Union member (schools may be eligible for travel and fee subsidies).

    Award-winning author of poetry, a historical picture book, two YA historical novels, YA fantasy novel, short fiction, and non- fiction. Winner of the Amy Mathers Teen Book Award (2019); Kirkus Best YA Historical Fiction (2018); TD Canadian Children’s Literature Award finalist (2016). All ages.

    Michelle’s rate is $225 for one presentation, $400 for two, $600 for three, and $750 for four. No travel costs within the GTA. Because she’s coming from out of town, Michelle requires two or more bookings. Online presentations available: $100 for 50 minutes. Continue reading “Barker, Michelle (Vancouver)”

    Camlot, Heather (Toronto, ON)

    Writers’ Union Member. Fiction and nonfiction writer. Heather’s rates are $250 for one session, $450 for two, $650 for three, $800 for four/full day (may be shared with a neighbouring school). $150 for a virtual visit. HST applies. No travel costs within Toronto. Able to present in English and French.

    Heather is an award-winning children’s author, journalist, editor and translator. Her debut novel, Clutch, received a 2018 Skipping Stones Honor Award and a starred selection in the Canadian Children’s Book Centre’s Spring 2018 Best Books for Kids and Teens. Clutch was also named a 2017 Best Book from Kirkus Reviews.

    In 2020, she released two new books: the middle-grade nonfiction What If Soldiers Fought with Pillows? (available in French as Et si les soldats se battaient avec des oreillers ?) and the middle-grade novel The Other Side.

    In her presentations, Heather aims to entertain and educate, leaving the audience interested in writing fiction and nonfiction as well as looking into their own history for inspiration.

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    Younge-Ullman, Danielle (Toronto, ON)

    Writers Union Member. White Pine Award Winner and two-time nominee, also nominated for Governor General’s award, Amy Mathers Teen Book award, Ruth and Sylvia Schwartz award, among others—a total of 18 nominations and Best-of lists. YA Author of HE MUST LIKE YOU, EVERYTHING BEAUTIFUL IS NOT RUINED, and LOLA CARLYE’S 12 STEP ROMANCE.

    Danielle’s virtual visit fee is $200 per 50-60 minute session. In person visits are $300 for 1 hour presentation; $550 for 2, $800 for 3, plus travel for locations outside Toronto.

    Danielle is a confident and dynamic presenter who loves talking about books with people of all ages. She attained a BA from McGill, worked for years as an actor before turning to writing, and has had a wild variety of jobs—everything from acting, to dubbing English voices for Japanese TV, to temping, to teaching Pilates, to freelance writing. Danielle lives Toronto with her husband and two daughters.

    Presentations: Because of her background in theatre, Danielle is very comfortable in front of an audience and loves engaging with readers. Though she writes teen fiction, she can also adjust her presentations for groups as young as grade 5 and 6. Presentations can be geared toward each group, and can be done with more of a workshop emphasis if required. All presentations include time for questions!

    Age range: grades 5 and up, but ideally grades 7-12. Danielle also loves presenting to and working with adult groups, and meeting with book clubs.


    Pantsters, Plotters & Making Soup: A discussion of the essential elements of fiction, and explanations of some of the different techniques used by writers to craft story and write fiction.

    Turning Real Life Into Fiction: The process of using your own stories as inspiration for fiction is deeper, more layered, and much more detailed than it looks. In this session, Danielle will take you through the process of distilling the essence of your experiences, and using the most compelling themes and elements to create a work of fiction, using He Must Like You and Everything Beautiful Is Not Ruined as examples.

    How to Pursue a Career as a Novelist: A presentation that explains the process of becoming a professional writer, from beginning writing through searching for an agent, to going through the process of being published. This presentation is great for students who are interested in the arts, and in the process of making decisions about their futures.

    How to Revise the Crap Out of Your Manuscript: Danielle is an in-depth and joyfully ruthless reviser. In this session she will go through the steps she takes to revise her manuscripts in a way that can also be applied to shorter works. Subjects will include character consistency, POV, tone, tightening and/or expanding, layering in new characters and plot lines, analyzing structure, and general troubleshooting of things that aren’t working. 

    Equipment: podium or desk, microphone for groups larger than 40. Maximum group size: 40-60 for optimum interaction, but Danielle is also comfortable in front of larger groups. 25 or fewer for workshops.

    Contact Danielle Younge-Ullman:

      Fishbane, Melanie (Toronto)

      Writers’ Union Member. Author of the young adult novel, Maud: A Novel Inspired by the Life of L.M. Montgomery. Melanie’s rate is $250.00, two is $450.00, three is $700.00 and four is $900.00, plus travel. Skype visits available. Continue reading “Fishbane, Melanie (Toronto)”

      Hohn, Nadia (Toronto)

      The Writers Union member. Picture book. All ages. $350 for 1 session (60 min) $ 600 for 2 sessions of 60 minutes (1/2 day)$ 400 for 2 x 30 minute sessions (great for JK to 1). Full day (4 sessions) $ 1000. + kilometrage. Can present in English and French.

      Malaika’s Costume (2016) and Malaika’s Winter Carnival (2017).

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      Anderson, R.J. (Stratford)

      Writers’ Union Member. Author of thrilling yet thought-provoking speculative fiction for children and teens. $300 for one hour-long session, $525 for two, $750 for three, and $900 for a full day, plus mileage for visits outside local area. Willing to travel anywhere within a 150 km radius from Stratford (which includes most of the GTA); open to travelling further if accommodation and meals are provided.

      Continue reading “Anderson, R.J. (Stratford)”

      Arato, Rona (Toronto)

      Writers’ Union Member. Rona’s events with the students were excellent. Not only was she able to keep the students enthralled with her stories, but Rona also skillfully catered to the different age-groups and moderated her presentation according to their needs. Her rate is $250 per one-hour session, $400 for a full morning and $700 + HST for a full day. There is no travel charge within the GTA. For travel outside the GTA the standard kilometrage applies. Continue reading “Arato, Rona (Toronto)”