About Authors’ Booking Service

Authors’ Booking Service connects Canadian kidlit authors and illustrators with readers. Browse our roster of professional, dynamic, and engaging authors and illustrators for school, library, workshops, conferences, virtual visits and more!

Authors’ Booking Service was founded in 2006 by award-winning Canadian authors Marsha Skrypuch and Valerie Sherrard. They stepped back from leadership in 2018 but continue to be valuable members on the roster.

Educators and Librarians

Connect directly with authors and illustrators using the contact form on their author pages or email us and we will recommend someone to fit your location, audience, and budget.

We also assist in clustering bookings so that schools and libraries can pool travel costs.

Looking for an author for a literacy night, P.A. day workshop, creative writing workshop or something else? We’ll help you find the perfect presenter. In the event sickness or emergencies, we can usually find you a suitable replacement author or illustrator so your event can go on. While it is always best to plan an author visit or event well in advance, we are aware that this is not always possible. If you find yourself in a time-bind, we will pull out all stops to assist you.

Authors and Illustrators

Authors’ Booking Service offers friendly and professional assistance in arranging school, library, conference, and workshop bookings. We promote your availability for visits and tours via our website, direct marketing to schools and libraries, as well as social media.

Authors’ Booking Service is also very proud to offer community to Canadian kidlit authors and illustrators. We strive to bring added-value to you like: professional development, industry collaboration, and support a professional standard wage for authors and illustrator visits.