Heinrichs, Jane (Winnipeg, MB)

Heinrichs, Jane

Society of Authors Member. Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators Member (SCBWI). TWUC member. English. Short-listed for Best-Illustrated book at the Manitoba Book Awards. Grades K-6. Only Virtual.

Virtual Visits: $200 for one session, 30-60 minutes. $100 for each additional session on the same day. Skype or Zoom.

Jane is an experienced and passionate international presenter who tailors each presentation to the group in front of her. As an author and illustrator of picture books, middle grade novels, and graphic novels, she can present on a multitude of topics and give students fun creative challenges.

She also loves speaking to adult groups about creativity.

Jane is a flexible presenter. No two groups are the same. She likes to have the teachers or libraries give ideas or questions based on what the students are learning at that time, and tailor her presentations to each class or group. She loves to have a conversation with the audience.

Sample Presentation Ideas:

K-2: Storytelling sessions using WHAT DO YOU SEE. Talking about characters. Beginnings, middles and endings. And getting the students to draw their own characters as a fun activity OR make a simple 4 page story. 30 min.

G2-6: Storytelling session with EVERY HOME NEEDS AN ELEPHANT. Talking about characters.  Plot. Comic books. Character Design. Storyboarding. As an activity the students will make a 4-5 page story or comic and design some characters. 45-50 minutes.

G2-6: Storytelling session and Q and A session with EVERY HOME NEEDS AN ELEPHANT.

All sessions will receive further activities and print out worksheets to complete after the session either in class or at home.

ALL sessions are virtual at this time. As I am in London, England at the moment.

No audience size limits, as long as the teacher or librarian can manage the group and facilitate.

Requirements: Robust internet connection. The teacher or librarian should have access to the book I am reading (though I will also have screenshots on my powerpoint presentation), as well as the worksheets printed out (which I will have sent in advance.)

NOTE: Last name is pronounced “HINE-RICKS.”

Contact Jane to book a visit…

    Matas, Carol (Winnipeg, MB,)

    Carol Matas, Winnipeg, MB, member, Writers’ Union of Canada, English. Grades K- 12.

    One hour in person $350 plus GST, $600.00 plus GST for 2 sessions, plus travel. One hour virtual visit, $200.00 plus GST.

    Carol is the internationally best selling author of over 45 books for young people, which have received over 100 awards and honours and been translated into 16 languages.  

    Photo: Chantal Picton Holowka.

    Carol Matas will have a new Holocaust novel, A Struggle For Hope, out this fall with Scholastic Canada. It tells the story of Ruth, a Holocaust survivor who has made the dangerous trip to Palestine after the war. She and other survivors tell their stories as a way of making sense of the world and Ruth discovers how powerful stories can be – for good and for ill. Winnipeg, Manitoba.

    Carol has written historical, science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary novels. She is about to have her first picture book published. She has written early readers, middle grade novels and young adult novels and a YA crossover book. She often gets emails from young people  telling her that they didn’t like to read until they discovered her books, and she is thrilled to cultivate new readers. Many of  Carol’s  presentations are about her Holocaust novels. In these sessions she delves into the roots of antisemitism and racism which informed Hitler’s worldview. She loves to talk about “big questions” using books like Cloning Miranda, when she encourages discussions about what it means to be a human being.

    There is no size limit as long as a microphone is provided for in person visits, even in small venues – although the perfect venue is a library.

    Carol does virtual visits all over North America, most recently Atlanta, Georgia to present “The War Within,” a Civil War novel.

    Writers’ Union; Canscaip; SCBWI. Also presents to adults.

    Carol’s books have garnered over 100 awards and honours, including 2 nominations for the Governor General’s Award; the Silver Birch Award; a New York Times Notable book; a Sydney Taylor Award; a National Jewish Book Award finalist; an ALA Best Book of the Year for YA; a Helen and Stan Vine Canadian Jewish Book Award for Young People; CCBC Best Book for Kids and Teens; New York Public Library, book for the Teen Age; and the Geoffrey Bilson Award. They have also been translated into 16 languages and many have been best sellers. Daniel’s Story has sold over 1 million copies in the United States and Canada. 

    Contact Carol to book a visit

      Rao, Anuradha (Vancouver, BC)

      Anuradha Rao

      Member of The Writers’ Union of Canada and the Federation of British Columbia Writers. Language of presentation: English. Grade levels: 3 to adult. Available for virtual visits.

      Rate: sliding scale $250-$350 per session + GST.

      Anuradha Rao, M.Sc., R.P.Bio, Cert. RNS is a marine conservation biologist, writer and facilitator.

      Anu was born and raised in Ontario. She has worked on research, conservation, restoration, planning and stewardship projects with communities and organizations on the coasts of Canada and in 12 other countries. A child of Indian immigrants, her worldview and approach to science are heavily influenced by teachings from her own culture and from Indigenous knowledge holders. These teachings and the principles of ecology have shown her that everything and everyone is connected, and that we must remember this in our actions and interactions.

      Anuradha Rao

      One Earth Workshops:

      One Earth sessions are always interactive! The program can be adapted as needed, but in general includes:

      *An icebreaker or stretch

      *Brief story of the author’s journey

      *Themes cultural diversity and heroes

      *Sharing the faces and words of environmental role models

      *A reading from One Earth

      *Participatory activities:

      Elementary through secondary: The focus is on encouraging children and youth to think about and express their own or their family’s connections to nature through meditation, movement and art. 

      Post-secondary and adult: Activities are tailored to the audience and can involve small group work, plenary sharing or personal reflection to explore ideas such as how we connect to role models, the natural world and each other.

      These activities can have options for inclusivity, for example verbal, visual, written and anonymous participation. Advance correspondence with teachers or coordinators is preferred to enable the workshop to meet participants’ and educators’ needs.

      Custom workshops: 

      Trained in participatory facilitation and experienced in delivering presentations and workshops for all ages, Anuradha can tailor a workshop to the needs of any group from youth to adults, following advance discussion with group leaders. Potential presentation and workshop topics include (but are not limited to):

      *connecting with nature 

      *pathways to careers in conservation and the environment

      *the intersections of science, environment and culture

      *from interviewing to storytelling

      *the art and science of writing grant proposals and reports

      Rate: Variable depending on length and complexity.

      Equipment: Virtual visits preferentially require an existing platform and support personnel to manage technical aspects. Workshops for schools can benefit from access to basic drawing materials, e.g. paper and markers, pencils or crayons. Home-based learners can use household items.

      Contact Anuradha for a visit:

        Adderson, Caroline (Vancouver, BC)

        TWUC member. Presents in English as well as a bilingual (French and English) presentation for K-2 French Immersion students. All ages

        Rates: $300 per 60-minute presentation ($150 for 30 minutes), plus HST. Caroline offers a discount for multiple bookings. Virtual presentations only for this time

        Caroline Adderson is an internationally published, award-winning author of books for readers of all ages.

        She has published 19 books for children: picture books, chapter books and middle-grade fiction. Known for the versatility and humour in her writing, she is also a dynamic, imaginative presenter who has shared her books and conducted workshops in schools and libraries across Canada. Caroline has won the Diamond Willow Award, the Sheila Egoff Award, and the Chocolate Lily Book Award, and been nominated for the Canadian Library Association’s Children’s Book of the Year, the Manitoba Young Readers’ Choice Award, the Hackmatack Children’s Choice Book Award, and the Rocky Mountain Book Award.



        Caroline will team up with an illustrator to present the two-part workshop Bookmaking for Kids and Caregivers. In part one Caroline guides kids and caregivers through the process of immortalizing their own adventures in a simple story. In part two, a professional illustrator (must be hired additionally) shows how published picture books are created. Families leave the workshop with a hard cover picture book they wrote and illustrated themselves, a permanent memento to treasure and hand down.


        Caroline’s interactive presentations are for groups of up to 60 students based on a specific book.  For Kindergarten to Grade Three: Norman, Speak!; Eat, Leo! Eat!It Happened on Sweet Street; the Jasper John Dooley series, or Izzy in the Doghouse. For Grades Four to Seven:  Middle of Nowhere, A Simple Case of Angels or The Mostly True Story of Pudding Tat, Adventuring Cat. The presentation includes a reading, activities, and a question period.  Caroline also offers an informative 60-minute presentation on how books are written and published. Writing and Publishing Books leads children through the process from the generation of ideas to the published book.

        Elementary French Immersion:

        Caroline’s new picture book series Pierre & Paul offers a natural introduction to bilingualism.  Pierre speaks French; Paul speaks English. Together, they have adventures that allow readers and listeners to pick up second language vocabulary in context. The presentation includes a reading, activities, and a question period.


        Caroline’s presentations at the high school level include readings from her adult fiction, discussion of the creative process, publishing tips and a question period. Caroline also offers a 2-hour writing workshop for teens, Becoming a Writer.


        Caroline has taught and mentored writers for more than twenty years in universities and colleges across Canada. She is currently the Program Director of the Writing Studio for Arts and Creativity. Please contact her to learn more about her workshops.

        Contact Caroline for a visit:

          Levy, Joanne (Clinton, ON)

          Located in Clinton, Ontario. Joanne is a Writers Union Member whose books have been nominated for several awards. She presents in English to grades four and up. Rate for a 1 hour virtual visit is $225 + HST. In person visits, when available, are $275 for one session, $500 for two, $900 for a full day (max four sessions) + mileage.

          Joanne is known for her funny books and easily inserts humor into her thoughtful and inspiring presentations that show kids firsthand what it’s like to be an author.

          Joanne’s books are fun and humorous but always have lots of heart and tackle subjects relevant to middle graders. Joanne has two 2021 releases, both from Orca Book Publishers – THE SUN WILL COME OUT, a book about finding the silver linings that’s set in a summer camp. SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS (October 2021) is set in a family owned Jewish funeral home, inspired by the one Joanne’s father manages. SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS explores grief and loss and what happens to us when we die.

          Joanne also has two books in Orca’s Currents line of high interest, accessible books, now in a more readable format featuring dyslexia-friendly fonts. Joanne is pleased to announce that she has another Currents book coming out in 2022 called THE BOOK OF ELSIE.

          While there are always fun moments in Joanne’s presentations, what she loves to talk about most is persistence, using her long and bumpy road to publication as inspiration to kids to follow their dreams and not fear failure. She uses examples from her own life and those of famous people who never gave up when pursing their dreams. Joanne also shares information and visuals about the writing process, using real examples of her own book edits and cover designs to show students how much goes into writing and producing a book. Joanne always leaves ample time for Q&A, where she’s happy to answer all questions, including any questions about the life of an author, how much authors earn, where authors get their ideas, and whether she likes waffles or pancakes better. Joanne will also happily read from her books, time permitting.

          Joanne will present to grades four and up and there is no limit to audience size. For virtual visits, Joanne’s preference is Zoom but she is flexible and will work with hosts on technology to make the presentation as effective, fun, and interactive as possible. For in-person visits, Joanne requires a computer, projector, and screen available and if the room is large, a microphone (wearable, preferably). Joanne travels with her presentation on a USB thumb drive and her own remote

          Contact to book Joanne Levy

            Grant, Joyce (Toronto, ON)

            Joyce Grant

            Writers’ Union of Canada member; journalism, fiction, picture books. Rainforest of Reading Award winner, Top 10 Best Books (Ontario Library Association) and Best Books (Canadian Children’s Book Centre). All ages.

            $350 for an engaging, high-energy customized one-hour presentation (in-person or online), $250 for a Q&A session only.

            Joyce is a subject-matter expert on “fake news” and journalism. She is a freelance journalist and owner of internationally award-winning TeachingKidsNews.com.


            * Can You Believe It? How to Spot Fake News and Find the Facts, 2022, illustrated by Kathleen Marcotte. Illustrated non-fiction. Themes: Fake news, critical thinking, journalism.
            * Gabby picture books: Gabby, Gabby: Wonder Girl, Gabby: Drama Queen. Themes: text to concrete things, friendship, creativity, phonics
            * Middle-grade baseball novels for reluctant readers: Tagged Out and Sliding Home. Themes: bullying, diversity, teamwork, empathy

            Joyce delivers high-energy, interactive, engaging presentations and workshops for all ages. She has written picture books with a literacy angle, and middle-grade baseball novels that deliver baseball action with underlying social themes (immigration, bullying, diversity, teamwork).

            Joyce is also co-founder of TeachingKidsNews.com: free, kid-friendly news plus curriculum connections. She is a freelance journalist and her popular “How to Avoid Fake News” presentations can be tailored for students or teachers.

            “We were honoured to have Joyce Grant as a keynote speaker and workshop presenter. Our audience of about 200 people (was) captivated by her content … students were incredibly engaged and just ate up what she had to tell us.”
            —Laura Alopaeus-Gomes, Literacy Lead K-6, Algoma District School Board, 2018

            SLIDING HOME
            This middle-grade baseball novel focuses on Miguel, who is holding down part-time jobs so he can bring his father to Canada from El Salvador. Set in Toronto's Christie Pits baseball field.
            (Sequel to Tagged Out.) Themes: immigration, teamwork, diversity, empathy, baseball.

            TAGGED OUT
            Fast-paced middle-grade baseball novel for reluctant readers. Includes a strong secondary character who is gay. Themes: diversity, tolerance, empathy, teamwork, baseball.
            A teaching guide is available free.

            PICTURE BOOKS:
            When Gabby drops her magic book, all its letters fall out. Whatever she spells with those letters
            comes to life! Includes two pages of literacy activities. (Illustrator: Jan Dolby)
            A teaching guide is available free.

            Also in the series:
            GABBY: WONDER GIRL (Includes question words.)
            GABBY: DRAMA QUEEN (Includes words with consonant blends.)

            Joyce customizes her high-energy, interactive presentations to suit your students and support their learning. She can speak to most ages, but asks that they’re grouped (ie, K-1, 2-3, 4-6, 5+).

            Groups can be small (one to two classes) or larger, depending on how hands-on you want the presentation to be. Presentations for younger students are 40 minutes; for older students, 45 minutes to an hour. All presentations include Q&A.

            Gr. 4-7
            Identify and avoid fake news—and find the good stuff online. Includes how to think more critically.
            “Practical and engaging. The students are still talking about it, and the teachers have been using your ideas in their classrooms!”

            WORD SCRAMBLE
            Super energetic, interactive presentations using scrambled letters. Includes a behind-the- scenes look at how picture books are made.
            “Interactive and fun!”

            Gr. 2-3
            Together, we build an exciting story and then we act it out.
            “The kids loved it—we went back to the classroom and built more stories!”

            Gr. 4-9
            Journalism (writing headlines, interviewing, the 5 Ws) and picture book workshops. 
            “Real-world, hands-on learning.”

            Parent/literacy night coming up? My popular, practical session for parents will help you get your kid reading.

            Practical, popular presentations for teachers and teacher-candidates.

            Students or Adults
            Memorable keynotes for conferences and meetings (price to be discussed), and Skype visits
            ($250/45 mins). 

            I use PowerPoint, so I’ll need a projector and screen. Oh! And a bottle of water, please. My voice projects well (a-hem!), but if you think your space requires a microphone, I’ll need you to supply that—preferably hand-held.
            I’m fine with small groups (one or two classes) or larger auditoriums. The bigger the group, the less hands-on the session, so workshops are best with a smaller group. I have great presentations for nearly every age group. Here are the preferred grade groupings: K to 1, grades 2 to 3, grades 4 to 6, grades 5 and up. I also present to teachers and teacher-candidates and to parents (ie, literacy night).

            To book Joyce, please send us an email using the form below:

              • Can You Believe It? How to Spot Fake News and Find the Facts, 2022, illustrated by Kathleen Marcotte. Illustrated non-fiction. Themes: Fake news, critical thinking, journalism.
              • Gabby picture books: Gabby, Gabby: Wonder Girl, Gabby: Drama Queen. Themes: text to concrete things, friendship, creativity, phonics
              • Middle-grade baseball novels for reluctant readers: Tagged Out and Sliding Home. Themes: bullying, diversity, teamwork, empathy

              Laidlaw, Rob (Toronto, ON)

              Rob LaidlawToronto. Writers’ Union Member. Silver Birch Non-Fiction Award and Hackmatack Award winner.  All ages. Rob’s rate is $250 for one session, $450 for 2, $600 for 3, $800 for 4 (maximum of 4 per day / if outside of Toronto area minimum of 2 per day), plus travel costs for locations outside of Toronto. Virtual Visits: (first 15 minute session is free), subsequent 30 – 60  minute sessions $100, Skype. No HST.

              Rob is an award-winning author of nine children’s books, biologist, professional wildlife campaigner, part-time adventurer and recipient of the prestigious Federic A. McGrand Lifetime Achievement Award for substantial contributions to animal welfare in Canada. Continue reading “Laidlaw, Rob (Toronto, ON)”

              Bow, Erin (Kitchener, ON)

              erinbow1Writers’ Union Member.  $400 plus HST for one session; $150 for each additional session in the same area on the same day – can be split between schools.   Travel costs waived in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, and the townships.

              Erin writes YA science fiction and fantasy, with a middle grade debut coming in 2019.  With multiple awards, she’s considered one of Canada’s rising stars: Quill and Quire calls her “a new master,” and the CBC says she’s “so close to YA superstardom she can probably taste it.”  As a presenter she’s down-to-earth and funny, working to give students real answers and emotional honesty.

              “I’ve had many novelists visit my classes over the years, but I can honestly say I’ve never seen one connect so well with a teenaged audience. —A.J. Blauer, Acting Head of Literary Arts, Canterbury High School (Ottawa, Ontario)

              Continue reading “Bow, Erin (Kitchener, ON)”

              Narsimhan, Mahtab (BC)

              Mahtab Narsimhan- H20-209960 8x10 300Writers’ Union Member. Silver Birch winning author available for school, public library, and conference visits. Member of The Writers’ Union of Canada. Continue reading “Narsimhan, Mahtab (BC)”

              Skrypuch, Marsha Forchuk (Brantford ON)

              Writers Union Member. Fiction & NF, 2X Silver Birch winner, 2x Red Cedar Winner, Yellow Cedar Winner. Multi awards. All ages. $400 plus HST for 1 session, $650 for 2, $900 for 3 and $1100 for 4, + travel (50 cents per kilometer, round-trip for SW ON).

              Virtual Visits: $300 plus HST, for one session, 20-60 minutes, $200 for each additional session on the same day.

              Continue reading “Skrypuch, Marsha Forchuk (Brantford ON)”