Syed, Anoosha (Milton, ON)

Forest of Reading Blue Spruce Award Nominee, APALA Honor for Bilal Cooks Daal, Society of Illustrators Original Art Show, Royal Society’s Young People’s Book Prize Shortlist, featured in Netflix series ‘Bookmarks’, featured in Eric Carle museum, Otter Award nominee

Anoosha Syed is a Pakistani-Canadian character designer and the illustrator of over twenty books, including I Am Perfectly Designed by Karamo Brown, APALA honor book, Bilal Cooks Daal by Aisha Saeed and her author/illustrator debut, That’s Not My Name!

Book topics: Empathy, First Day of School, Self-empowerment, Food and Culture. Family, South Asian


  • $350 – Two 30min sessions of storytime reading, drawing demo, and Q+A (best suited for JK-Gr 1)
  • $350 – 1hr presentation session
  • $550 – 2 sessions
  • $800 – 3 sessions
  • $1000 – Full day visit: Here, you can squeeze in AS MANY sessions as you are able to. You have me for the whole day!

+ HST fees + Travel fees of $0.50/km (From Milton) (Visits are a minimum of 1hr)

I usually work with children ages JK-Gr 5. But older kids/teens can also benefit from learning about the life of an author/illustrator, and a love for writing and drawing!


My session is a 1hr presentation and Q&A that covers my career, how I wrote and illustrated the book That’s Not My Name!, and the importance of diversity/inclusivity in books and ends with a live drawing demonstration.

I can also offer a workshop component! In this segment, we learn the importance of good character design, and we would draw ourselves as characters in my book.

I don’t have a limit on how many students can be in a presentation. However, if you are looking to add the drawing workshop, then I would ask that the audience be limited to 23 children or as many as can be comfortably seated on tables/the floor to follow along the exercise with simple drawing materials and my worksheet.

This is a guideline of what I offer, but I am happy to be flexible and work around your school needs; if you’d like me to focus on any particular topics, books or activities we can definitely discuss!

Other notes
A projector is required for in-person visits, and microphone + podium for larger groups.
For drawing activities, an easel with paper as well as paper, markers, crayons for the children to draw along with.
In-person presentations for JK-2 max 30 per group, teacher/facilitator MUST be present.

Contact Anoosha to book a visit:

    Crawley, Oksanna (Brampton, ON)

    CANSCAIP and SCBWI member. Author/Illustrator of picture books, early reader books. Available for virtual presentations or in-person presentations for grades K-8. Oksanna lives in Brampton, Ontario.

    Virtual presentation (30 minutes or 1 hour) $100.00

    In-person presentation (1- 2 hours)  $250.00 (ability to project images from author’s laptop, prefers one or two classes)

    Oksanna is the co-author and illustrator of the picture book, PIRATE GLITTERBEARD, published by Rebel Mountain Press.

    “My class giggled with delight as I read this book to them. They loved the whimsical characters and the vibrant pictures. Pirate Glitterbeard breaks down all the stereotypes of how a pirate should act and look. This book should definitely be on the shelves of EVERY classroom. Highly recommended.” ~Karen Williams teacher/librarian

    Oksanna has also written a non-fiction book for children about her favourite Canadian artist, Tom Thomson, which will be published in 2024 by Fitzhenry and Whiteside.

    A series of over 30 books for early readers, SUPER HAMMY’S ADVENTURES, which she wrote and illustrated is available from Blueberry Hill Books.

    Oksanna is a retired teacher and would be happy to tailor her presentation to the needs of your students. She loves to talk about how a book comes to life from idea to final product, how to approach illustrating a picture book from thumbnail sketch to final illustration, how to construct or plot a story, how to write a non-fiction book, etc.

    School Presentations include a PowerPoint presentation

    Contact Oksanna to book a visit:

      Zaman, Farida (Ontario)

      Farida is a Canadian-South Asian Writer and illustrator of picture books and other works. She is  a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, and the Canadian Society of Authors, Illustrators and Performers.

      Rates are as follows: Virtual Visits: $150 School visits: $250 plus travel expenses outside GTA.

      For school visits Farida can provide an introductory slideshow showing what Farida does and how Farida works as an author and illustrator,  adapting it to the age of the audience.  

      Farida likes to get children involved, asking them questions and getting them doing hands-on activities as much as possible. Farida is an Ontario based presenter and a member of Writers Union. Farida does virtual  and school visits.

      Aliya’s Secret- A Ramadan Secret

      Teachers guide PDF for book Aliya’s Secret available by email request

      Written and illustrated by Farida Zaman

      Ramadan is coming, and as Abba and Ammi prepare for their month-long fast, Aliya hugs a secret to her chest: she’s going to fast too! Ammi says she’s still too young to fast, but Aliya is determined. At school, she refuses her snack, her lunch—even the cupcakes Sanjay’s mom drops off for his birthday. But when she gets home, she can’t resist Ammi’s sweet, syrupy baklava. Before Aliya can stop herself, she reaches out and takes a big bite. Aliya is disappointed in herself, but Ammi explains that there are many other ways to celebrate Ramadan besides fasting, like performing acts of kindness! Together, Aliya and her parents spend the month preparing and delivering meals to people in need. This joyful look at Ramadan is based on the author’s own childhood experiences and is rich with facts and details about the holiday. Readers familiar and unfamiliar with the holiest month in the Islamic calendar will get swept up in the festivities, and perhaps be inspired to share a meal with their community.

      Recently Farida wrote and illustrated her first picture book called “I Want to Be” A Gutsy Girls  ABC. She has worked with a variety of mediums on the project – watercolour, gouache, acrylics, and Procreate.

      Farida’s  workshops will consist of the following:

      • Intro
      • Reading my book (Picture Book)
      • Art/ creative workshop
      • Sharing the art

      Contact Farida to book a visit:

        Morse, Joe (Toronto, ON)

        Joe Morse. Illustrator/educator. Toronto. English. Grade levels: Grade 3 and up. Rates: $250 for one session, $450 for two, $675 for three, $900 for a full day (four sessions) Plus HST and travel fee of $0.50/km if outside Toronto.

        Joe Morse’s recent picture book Go Show the World with Wab Kinew was nominated for the Governor General’s Award, won the Ruth and Sylvia Schwartz Children’s Book Award and is a Finalist in the Forest of Reading (Silver Birch Express).

        Joe Morse is an award winning book illustrator and educator. He has won over 200 awards as an Illustrator in editorial, advertising and books working with international clients: Universal Pictures, Nike, the NBA, and Major League Baseball and 30 years of teaching Illustration with a focus on drawing.

        Joe’s Workshops are tailored to 2 different needs.

        1. Heroes without Capes: audio/visual presentation on the super powers each one of us has using the real life characters from the book Go Show the World. Focus: history, personal storytelling, culture, empowerment, empathy, diversity, environment and media awareness.

        2. Draw Thinking: smaller groups with paper and drawing tool (crayon, pencil). He shows the original art for Go Show the World and the group works with the second best form of communication we humans have (after physical gestures) DRAWING. A language that is truly universal.

        Focus: hands on fun. Creative thinking. Making mistakes is good for you. Note: for students that may have challenges with the physical aspect of drawing, he can emphasize the visual identification of shapes drawn during the workshop.

        Audience size: 1. Heroes without Capes: can be any size. He needs a screen and projector with an HDMI input/output. For 2. Draw Thinking: size dependent on table space for drawing. (30 and less optimal). He needs a screen and projector with an HDMI input/output. (If a projector is not available, please let Joe know in advance and he will attempt to bring one with him).

        Contact Joe to connect him with your readers:

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        McLeod, Cinders (Toronto)

        Writers’ Union Member. Now doing virtual visits only: $200 for one 60 minute session, $350 for 2, $525 for 3, $675 for 4. Maximum 4
        sessions per day. JK to SK: two 30-minute sessions for the price of 1.

        Cinders presents to JK to Grade 3. Single class size is best for discussion, but Cinders is flexible.

        Author-illustrator of the Moneybunnies financial literacy for young children series, published by Penguin N.Y. She is also a well known human rights cartoonist and musician. Cinders has 20 years’ experience in Canadian and British books and newspapers, is the creator of the 8-year-old Broomie Law cartoon and one of the few published, women political cartoonists in the world. She is also an experienced performer (singer, songwriter, double bassist with a record on Billy Bragg’s label) and cartoon workshop presenter. She wrote and illustrated EARN IT! SPEND IT! SAVE IT! and GIVE IT! for ages 3- 8 because it’s never too early to teach children about money. The Moneybunnies series is popular with STEM educators.

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        Hohn, Nadia (Toronto)

        The Writers Union member. Picture book. All ages. $350 for 1 session (60 min) $ 600 for 2 sessions of 60 minutes (1/2 day)$ 400 for 2 x 30 minute sessions (great for JK to 1). Full day (4 sessions) $ 1000. + kilometrage. Can present in English and French.

        Nadia is fully booked for the remainder of the 2021/2022 school season. She is currently scheduling for the 2022/2023 school year. 

        Malaika’s Costume (2016) and Malaika’s Winter Carnival (2017).

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        MacKay, Elly (Owen Sound)

        Writers’ Union Member. Author, illustrator, picture books, Forest of Reading, lightbox, paper, children’s books, primary, workshop, art project. Elly’s rate is $275 for one session, $475 for two, $675 for three and $800 for four, plus local travel from Toronto when in the area (either taxi or being picked up by a teacher to accommodate her in bringing her miniature theatre and supplies). Continue reading “MacKay, Elly (Owen Sound)”