Dobson, Jillian (Richmond Hill, ON)

Photo credit: Dorothy Puddester

Jillian is a member of The Writers Union of Canada (TWUC), the Canadian Society of Children’s Authors Illustrators and Performers (CANSCAIP), the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) and the CCBC.

Jillian is the author of GIRL TAKES DRASTIC STEP!: How Molly Lamb Bobak Became Canada’s First Official Woman War Artist with artwork by Genevieve Simms. This is an inspirational story of perseverance through art with the title drawn directly from the first page of Molly Lamb Bobak’s World War II war diary.

In Person Rates: $200 for one session (45 mins) Plus a travel fee of $0.50/km if outside of Greater Toronto Area. Virtual visits (30 mins) $150 (All visits subject to HST).

This book and presentation would support the following subjects and themes:

Canadian History/World War II History/Art History/Art/English/Remembrance Day/International Women’s Day/Women’s History Month

Jillian is an experienced presenter and will engage young readers in the story of hard work and determination of how Molly Lamb Bobak followed her dream and became Canada’s first official woman war artist. Jillian will highlight how author and illustrator work together and the research process for this book including a glimpse of pages of Molly’s war diary.

A live reading of the book followed by an introductory discussion and visual presentation about how women enlisted in the Canadian Women’s Army Corp during WWII and what that experience was like for them based on Molly Lamb Bobak’s headline style journal.

An engaging hands-on activity will encourage students to document, through writing and various mediums of art including sketching, doodling and drawing what goes on in their lives and classrooms in a unique way. Students will work on activity sheets to write their own headlines and then work as reporters to create a shared classroom headline journal.

For older grades there will be a discussion about perseverance and following your dreams based on the story with art prompts for creating a dream journal.

English language presentations for grades K-6 with a maximum per group of 30 with teacher or librarian present. Jillian will gladly collaborate with teachers or librarians to tailor the presentation to the interests and needs of the participants. Personalized and signed books may be ordered in advance and information will be provided to the organizer.

Virtual Presentations:

Reading and interactive online activity of building a classroom headline journal page or guided instruction through activity sheet shared with teacher/librarian in advance. Grades 1-6 – 45 minutes.

Library Visits: (Pre-school to grade 6)

Interactive reading followed by guided multi-media worksheet activity to create a headline journal page.

Technology required: Screen or area to project, table and chair or stool

Contact Jillian to book a visit:

    Ludwig, Sidura (Thornhill, ON)

    Membership: Writers’ Union of Canada, SCBWI, CANSCAIP, Association Jewish Libraries.

    Awards: Vine Award for Fiction, 2021 (You Are Not What We Expected); Danuta Gleed Award, finalist, 2021; Carol Shields Winnipeg Book Award, finalist, 2008.

    Presentation rates, in person:  $325 for one session, $500 for half day (two sessions), $1000 for full day (four sessions, max). For outside of GTA, $.50/km. Presentation rates, virtual: $200 per session.

    Sidura is an internationally published writer of books for children and adults. She has over 30 years experience leading creative writing workshops to students of all ages. She loves nothing more than being in front of the classroom and sharing her life-long love of writing and books. She is the author of the picture book RISING (Candlewick, 2024), the middle grade novel SWAN (Nimbus, 2024), the adult short story collection YOU ARE NOT WHAT WE EXPECTED (House of Anansi, 2020) and the adult novel HOLDING MY BREATH (Key Porter Books, 2007).


    Middle Grade (4-8) (one hour)

    Rejection is Your Best Friend – my journey on how I became a full-time working writer, including the year I tried to get rejected as many times as possible, and what I learnt along the way. Includes reading from SWAN, question and answer and short writing prompt.

    Writing Historical Fiction – learn the background to writing SWAN, from idea, to research, to deciding why to write in verse. Includes photos from research in Nova Scotia. Writing workshop on how to get started when writing historical fiction and the importance of curiosity and asking questions (I WONDER poem).

    Grades 1-3 (one hour)

    How I became a picture book writer – presentation includes how I became a writer (with images from childhood), and how picture books get made. I read from RISING and include a lot of interactive questions with students. Art workshop on making a picture book, using an unpublished manuscript, where students get to be the illustrators. All art supplies included.

    JK-SK (45 minutes)

    Let’s Eat! – interactive song and storytime about making challah and celebrating Shabbat. Discussion on what foods do you eat when you are celebrating something? Read from RISING. Two station art workshop afterwards: 1) drawing picture of what you eat when you’re celebrating 2) learn to “braid challah” with Play Doh. All art supplies are included.

    Maximum number of students: Grade 1-3, 50; JK/SK, 30; grade 4-8, 100

    Preferred location: library or classroom, but am fine with anywhere that allows students room to both my presentation and art workshop (for JK-Grade 3).

    Equipment: (Grades 1-3) projector, screen, glass of water, tables with enough seating for students for art workshop; (JK-SK) chair and table for circle time, tables and seating for students for two-station art workshop; (Grades 4-8), projector, screen, microphone for large groups

    Contact Sidura to book a visit:

      Rae, Rowena (Victoria, BC)

      Non-fiction science books for ages 9+, and decodable fiction books for striving readers ages 6–9. Member of the Writers’ Union of Canada, CWILL BC, and SCBWI. Winner of the Nature Generation Green Earth Book Award for YA Non-Fiction (for Salmon: Swimming for Survival). Winner of a Moonbeam Award in the Reading Skills/Literacy category (for Meg and Greg: A Duck in a Sock). Included on the CBC/NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Books List for Students K–12 (2023). Nominated for a Red Cedar Book Award (2023). Included as a starred selection several times in CCBC Best Books for Kids & Teens.

      Rates for in-person presentations about my non-fiction books for grades 4–8 (45–60 minutes): $300 plus GST for one session, $450 for two, $600 for three, $750 for four. Plus travel fees if outside lower Vancouver Island (Mill Bay south).

      Rates for in-person workshops about non-fiction for grades 4–8 (1.5–2 hours with a mid-point break): $450 plus GST for one session, $750 for two. Plus travel fees if outside lower Vancouver Island (Mill Bay south).

      Rates for in-person visits about my fiction books for grades 1–3 (30–40 minutes): $150 plus GST for one session, $250 for two, $350 for three, $450 for four. Plus travel fees if outside lower Vancouver Island (Mill Bay south).

      Rates for virtual visits (non-fiction only, 45–60 minutes): $200 plus GST for one session; $150 for each additional session on the same day.

      Rowena writes both non-fiction and fiction books for young people. Her non-fiction science books are for ages 9 and up. She draws on her science education and experience as a field biologist to write about biology, ecology, the environment, and human health. As well as being a science enthusiast, Rowena loves history, so all of her science books also have a dose of history and stories from the past in them. Her fiction books are the Meg and Greg series of decodable fiction stories (co-authored with her sister, Elspeth Rae) for kids who are learning to read and striving to improve their newfound reading skills. Rowena is an experienced speaker who loves sharing her enthusiasm for science, nature, reading, and writing with young people in engaging, interactive presentations.

      Non-fiction presentations

      Group size up to 60. In all of my presentations, I talk briefly about how I got into my writing career before focusing on the topic selected. I use slides with photos, bring props with me, and encourage participants to interact through questions and whole-group activities. Every session ends with Q&A. Below are short descriptions of several presentations; I’m also happy to tailor a presentation to your class interests and needs.

      Rachel Carson Changed Your Life and Mine. But How?: In this presentation, I introduce scientist and science writer Rachel Carson, author of Silent Spring, the book that many credit with launching the environmental movement. I use information about Carson’s life and writing to lead a discussion with participants about people’s relationships with nature, ecosystems, and the environments we live in. For grades 4–8.

      We’re All Connected: In this presentation, I use several of my books to introduce connections in nature and in our lives, and I then facilitate an interactive session for participants to think about what these and other connections mean to their own lives. For grades 4–8.

      Something’s Fishy!: In this presentation, I talk about some of the amazing facts I learned about salmon when I researched this book, from their migrations, to their life cycle, to the obstacles they face during their lives. I then lead participants through a discussion of ways they can make a difference for salmon—or any fish—living in a stream, lake, or bay nearby. For grades 4–8.

      A Brief History of Vaccines: In this presentation, I tell some of the fascinating stories about the people who played a role in vaccine discovery and development over the past 250 years. I then lead participants in a discussion to imagine vaccines and human health of the future. The Q&A at the end of this presentation includes the option to submit anonymous questions about vaccines ahead of time. For grades 6–8.

      Non-fiction workshops

      Group size up to 20. In my workshops, I talk briefly about how I got into my writing career before focusing on the topic selected. I use slides with photos, bring props with me, and lead participants in small-group and individual hands-on activities. Every session ends with Q&A. Below are short descriptions of several workshops; I’m also happy to tailor a workshop to your class interests and needs.

      Reading and Writing Nonfiction for Fun!: In this workshop, I lead activities with participants to explore ways to find writing ideas, narrow down a topic, gather information and facts, plan a writing project, do the actual writing, and then revise and polish the piece writing. For grades 4–8.

      Write, then Revise…and Revise Some More!: In this workshop, I show examples of my own writing projects and how they evolved with revision, and I then take participants on a journey into the art of revising their own writing or a classmate’s writing. For grades 6–8.

      All About the Facts: In this workshop, I introduce the concepts of misinformation and disinformation and lead students through a discussion of how they can find and evaluate information to use in their nonfiction writing projects. We talk about and do activities on different types of sources, the 5 Ws, and lateral reading. For grades 6–8.

      Fiction presentation (for grades 1–3)

      Group size up to 40.

      Meet Meg and Greg!: In this presentation, I introduce participants to the Meg and Greg stories’ main characters: Meg, Greg, and Rocket the dog. I talk briefly about how I, my co-author, and the illustrator work together to write and illustrate the stories, and then I lead a mini-lesson on a spelling concept from one of the stories (teacher’s choice). After the mini-lesson, I read a part of the story that uses that spelling concept and show slides of the book pages so participants can follow along and clearly see the illustrations. The session ends with Q&A.

      Equipment needed

      For in-person visits: Projector (that operates with a MacBook) and screen, whiteboard or blackboard and markers/chalk, a table to spread out my props, a microphone for larger groups or if room acoustics are questionable. For workshops, participants will need pencil and paper and a hard surface to lean on (desk, book, etc.).

      For virtual visits: I use my own Zoom account or your preferred online platform. I will need a support person to moderate the chat and help with technical aspects. If participants are in a single room watching on a big screen, I will need a room moderator to help with group discussion and Q&A.

      Contact Rowena to book a visit:

        Cutler, Marcus Tecumseh, ON)

        A member of The Writers’ Union of Canada, SCBWI, and CANSCAIP.

        Rates: $250 for a single session, $200 per each additional session. For Kindergarten classes, two half sessions can be substituted for a full one. Plus a travel fee of $0.50/km outside of Essex County, Ontario. Virtual: $180 per session.

        Marcus began his career as an illustrator, and has since expanded in to writing, and now presenting! He is the author and illustrator of the hilarious picture book I Do Not Eat children, and is the illustrator of The Three Canadian Pigs: A Hockey Story, The Monster’s Travel Guide Part Deux: A Canadian Adventure, the Lark Ba detective series, and many, many more!

        CREATION ABOMINATION: Make Something Terrible!

        Grades K-5, 45-55 minutes

        Themes: Creativity, playfulness, resilience

        Marcus’ theory is that you have to make something bad before you can make something good, therefore there are no failures, only PRACTICE! The students will be taken on a tour of the ups and downs of being a creator. They’ll be treated to a behind the scenes look at a picture book’s journey from concept to publication, and all of the failures practice along the way. There will also be an exclusive sneak peek of Marcus’ next book The Crayon Stub, due out Summer 2025! Then, through a rowdy call and response game, Marcus and the students create some of the most truly terrible abominations ever!

        Viirtual Visits:

        The classroom must have access to a camera and Zoom or Teams, and drawing materials for the students.

        In-Person Visits:

        The classroom will need a smart board or presentation screen, a pad of chart paper, and drawing materials for the students. Additional activity sheets will be provided. Marcus prefers a maximum group size of 35 to allow for higher personal engagement.

        Contact Marcus to book a visit:

          Hannigan, Jess (Hamilton, ON)

          Jess Hannigan is a writer and illustrator making picture books, editorial artwork, and more in Hamilton, Ontario. Spider in the Well is her first picture book. It’s a JLG Gold Standard Selection as well as a Kids Indie Next List pick. Some of her clients include The New York Times, Reader’s Digest Canada, Cottage Life Magazine, and The New Yorker.

          In-Person Presentations: $500 plus HST for one session, $900 for two, $1200 for three. These are currently available in Kitchener/Waterloo and the GTA only.

          Virtual Visits: $300 + HST for up to one hour, $200 + HST for each additional presentation on the same day.


          • Society of Illustrators, Warby Parker Visionary Scholarship Award‏‏‎ 2020
          • 2020 World Illustration Awards, New Talent Exploration Category Award

          Book Topics: Mischief, Lying, Deception, Humorous Stories, Money, Justice, Unfair Labour

          Presentation Format:

          My full presentation sessions are generally a 1hr presentation that covers how I developed my career, artistic style, and how I wrote and illustrated the book Spider in the Well. This can also include a reading of the book, of course! I end the session with a live drawing and a Q&A.

          Also available is a shorter, story time session (30-45min), with a brief intro about myself, a reading, and Q&A. Good for younger listeners!

          I typically work with children ages 4-9, but I’ve also enjoyed presenting to older kids/teens about my life as an author and artist, and provide advice for making creative work that you really like.

          I’m happy to work around your needs or hear out your presentation ideas!

          Other Notes:

          • A projector/screen is required for in-person visits, as well as a microphone for larger groups.
          • For any drawing activities, an easel with paper, markers, and crayons for the kids to draw along with.
          • A teacher/facilitator must be present for in-person presentations.

          Contact Jess to book a visit:

            Thompson, Julie (Whitby, ON)

            The Writer’s Union of Canada, Society of Children’s Book Writers, Writer’s Union of Canada 2024 Grant Recipient.

            In-person rates:  $400 for one session, $750 for two, $1100 for three and $1400 for four, + travel (.68 cents per km, round-trip within the GTAH). Each session runs between 45 – 60 minutes. Virtual Visits: $300 a session. Each session runs between 45 – 60 minutes.

            Julie will collaborate with teacher’s and librarians to tailor her presentation to meet curriculum requirements. Students and staff can purchase signed copies of “When Isaac Hears the Rain.” Contact Julie for details.

            Julie Thompson creates stories that reflect and celebrate the lived experiences of children everywhere. As a mother of two boys, Julie is especially drawn to books that honor Black Boy Joy. She hopes that her stories will encourage open dialogue within families and their communities.

            Julie’s stories are inspired by the people, places, and experiences that have shaped her 27-year career in youth services, community outreach, and law enforcement. She lives with her two sons in Toronto, where she teaches yoga, breathwork, mindfulness, and meditation. Julie is eager to meet with you and your students.

              Levels: Grades 1-3

              Key themes: curiosity, environment, mindfulness, friendship, kindness, family, diversity, black boy joy

              Maximum group sizes for presentations: 30 kids ideal.

              JK 45-60 minutes. Author reading session ((When Issac Hears the Rain)

               with an activity (if time permits Julie will remain with the students while they complete their activity).

              Grade 1-2: 45 to 60 minutes: Author reading session (When Isaac Hears the Rain). Question and Answer with an activity (if time permits Julie will remain with the students while they complete their activity).

              Grade 3: 45 to 60 minutes: 45 to 60 minutes: Author reading session (When Isaac Hears the Rain). Question and Answer with an activity (if time permits Julie will remain with the students while they complete their activity).

              Presentations are preferred in the library.

              Equipment needs for in-person visits:  Table, stool, a microphone for larger groups or 30 or in the gym. A screen and projector to connect computer. Teacher/librarian must be present.

              Contact Julie to book a visit:

                Paruzel-Gibson, Natalia (Burlington, Ontario)

                Writers’ Union of Canada member. SCBWI member. Purple Dragonfly Book Award – 1st place winner. English language presentations for grades K-6; further age ranges available on request.

                In-Person Visits (45-60 minutes): $200 for 1 session; $150 for each subsequent session up to four sessions in one day. A session may be split into two 30-minute sessions for Kindergarten. Plus, a travel fee of $0.50/km if outside of Halton. 

                Virtual Visits (30-60 minutes): $100-$150 per session. A session may be split into two 30-minute sessions for Kindergarten.

                Natalia Paruzel-Gibson grew up backstage in the theaters and art galleries in Poland. Her mom’s passion for the arts inspired Natalia to write and create. After emigrating to Canada, Natalia was recognized by the Turzanski Foundation with a Young Talent Award for writing and reciting poetry. Her photography and art installations were exhibited in Toronto’s Nuit Blanche. Natalia lives in Burlington, Ontario. She is the author of the children’s book, A PICTURE DAY TO REMEMBER (Clavis, 2023), which focuses on themes of inclusivity, self-acceptance, and friendship in the classroom.

                Natalia’s school presentations are engaging and interactive. For students in grades K-3, each presentation includes a discussion of her favourite books, the role of the author and illustrator, an overview of character sketches from the book, the inspiration behind the story, a book reading, and an SEL focused activity using a customized activity sheet. There’s plenty of time for Q&A too!

                For students in grades 3-6, each presentation includes the above, plus an in-depth outline of the publishing process from concept through to the final product. This segment of the presentation is an excellent opportunity for aspiring writers to receive tips and suggestions to hone in on the craft of storytelling.

                Natalia is a very flexible presenter and can adapt her presentation to suit the needs of a school. If there is an interest in focusing more on one aspect of writing, she’s happy to accommodate.

                Natalia is glad to speak to an entire school or conduct more personal sessions where a few classrooms are amalgamated or split up by grade. Natalia requests a projector/white board for a Google Slides presentation, a table and coloured pencil crayons. For larger in-person presentations, she will require a table, microphone, and a PA system.

                Book Natalia for a visit:

                  Daher, Anita, (Manitoba)

                  Note: Last name pronunciation is “dare.” The Writers’ Union of Canada, Manitoba Writers’ Guild, ACTRA Finalist: White Pine, Red Cedar, MYRCA, Violet Downey, Arthur Ellis, Diamond Willow.

                  Rates for in-person: $300 per single presentation, $200 for additional presentations at the same school per day.

                  Rates for virtual: $200 per presentation.

                  Anita Daher is an author, screenwriter, producer, and actor primarily of Icelandic and Irish heritage. She has been entrenched in the publishing industry since 1995, and helped found writing organizations in Yellowknife, NWT, and the Algoma region of Northern Ontario before landing in Winnipeg in 2004. From 2019 to 2021 she served as Chair of the Writers’ Union of Canada. She thinks too much, rises too early, and in her spare time enjoys renovating old campers.

                  Anita is a dynamic speaker who has presented in hundreds of schools in urban, rural and remote communities across Canada, primarily in the North and West. She can do up to four presentations in the same school or area in a day. She has power point presentations appropriate to the grade, which include a professionally filmed scene adapted from one of her novels.


                  • Grades 3 to 6
                  • Grades 7 and 8
                  • Grades 9 to 12

                  For younger grades the focus is plot and planning. For older grades, it is “the story underneath,” or the heart of the story. Each touch on the author’s journey, and what—besides inspiration—you need to write a book.

                  Presentations are generally 45 minutes, adaptable to school needs, and include time for Q & A.

                  Group size preference, preferred venues (for in person), tech required for your presentations.

                  Anita’s preferred venue is a library and is flexible regarding size of audience—whatever is appropriate to the space. She requires a projector with speakers to accommodate her power point presentation. 

                  Contact Anita to book a visit:

                    Maheshwari, Priti (Cambridge, ON)

                    Priti Birla Maheshwari is an award-winning children’s author and teacher. She is the recipient of the 2023 CCBC and TD Grade One Book Giveaway, as well as many other awards for her debut picture book Chaiwala! (illustrated by Ashley Barron, published by OwlKids Books 2021).

                    Priti is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), and the Canadian Society of Children’s Authors, Illustrators and Performers (CANSCAIP). She gives English and French language presentations and workshops for grades K-3 in the category of fiction.

                    In-person rates: $400 for 1 session, $650 for 2, $900 for 3 and $1100 for 4, + travel (.68 cents per kilometre, round-trip for SW ON).

                    Virtual Visits: $300 for one session, 45-60 minutes, $200 for each additional session on the same day.

                    Priti is an experienced educator and speaker who tailors each presentation to the group in front of her through fun interactive sessions. She can do up to four daily presentations in the same school. As the author of a picture book and an early reader chapter book series, Priti can offer a vast range of workshops for kindergarten to grade 3 students.

                    She will gladly collaborate with teachers and/or librarians to customize visits to meet the children’s interests and the teachers’ curriculum requirements. Students and staff have the option to order personalized, signed books which will be delivered to their school. Priti will provide ordering instructions.

                    In-person visits:

                    Priti begins with a PowerPoint presentation that immerses the students in the sounds and sights of India. This is followed by an interactive reading session and then an art activity where the students make personalized teacups.

                    Participatory Reading & Activities: Age level: K – grade 1; Duration 45-60 minutes. Best for up to 30 students for optimal engagement.

                    Priti introduces students to facts about India and a fun participatory reading session of Chaiwala! Priti also discusses idea generation and the inspiration for the story. This includes a small moment activity and an art activity.

                    Key concepts: diversity, arts

                    Key themes: curiosity, exploration, family and traditions, cultural appreciation

                    Explore a Book! Age level: Grades 1-3; Duration: 45-60 minutes. Appropriate for classroom visits.

                    Students will explore the picture book Chaiwala! through the lens of a reader, writer, and artist. They’ll discover how the author and illustrator work together to create a picture book, and how the world in which we live is interconnected with “small moments”. Students will do an activity on what makes a moment special and end with an art activity.

                    Key concepts: picture book creation, writing process

                    Key themes: curiosity, exploration

                    Levels: Grades 1-3

                    Equipment needs for in-person visits:

                    • Laptop with PowerPoint – presentation is on a USB stick (or Priti can bring her own laptop if it can be connected to the school projector)
                    • SmartBoard or digital projector and screen for presentation
                    • Microphone if the space is larger than a classroom
                    • Table to set materials
                    • Chair or stool

                    For virtual visits, school Zoom account (or similar). Student supplies depend on the session which will be discussed before the visit. The teacher or librarian must be present for all presentations, virtual or in-person.

                    Contact Priti to book a visit:

                      Frayne Sharon, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

                      Writers Union Member. Young Adult and Adult genres. $300 plus HST and travel ($0.50/km outside Niagara) for 1 session, $500 for 2, $700 for 3 and $900 for full day.

                      Virtual Visits: $100-200 plus HST (depending on time required)

                      Background: Sharon Frayne was born in St. Catharines, grew up on a Niagara farm and in Muskoka, and now divides her time between Niagara and Northern Ontario. She was a high school Visual Arts and English teacher, an Arts Department Head, and Elementary Principal. During her career, she worked with many special needs children, their families and teachers. She’s an award winning short story writer and novelist, whose contemporary tales include diverse characters, environmental issues, Canadian history and outdoor settings.  

                      Public Speaking and Workshops: Sharon is a dynamic, engaging, experienced teacher and Principal who is comfortable leading small groups, individual classrooms or presenting in assemblies. She enjoys speaking to adult groups and book clubs. Presentations include visuals and are interactive, tailored to individual and group needs.

                      Workshop Themes (samples, more are available and can be customized)

                      How to Self-Edit (suitable for students in grades 4- 12. Meets Ontario Curriculum Guidelines)

                      How to create amazing, realistic, empathetic characters (for short stories or novel length)

                      Does Setting matter? It sure does – let’s do some world building to enhance your story.

                      Seven Steps to writing a prize winning Short Story.

                      What’s a plot line? How to develop one for a short story or novel.

                      Who needs conflict? Your story does – here’s how to create some.

                      For Better or for Worse – How does Social Media Affect Us?

                      Materials Required for School Presentations:

                      Classroom or Library setting preferred. Microphone (if acoustics are problematic), table for computer and materials, screen and data projector. Preference is for individual classrooms, or similar age/grade groups up to 100.

                      Free Virtual Visits!

                      15 minute virtual visits, with a short teacher/moderator led Q & A session are available to classes or clubs who are reading one of my books.  This works best with small groups.

                      Writer in Residence option:

                      This is a fantastic opportunity to develop a working relationship with a group over a pre-arranged time period. This could be writing workshops, feedback sessions, book discussions and can be arranged to suit interest and ability levels.


                      Magazines and Newspapers: Eden Mills Writers Festival Chapter Publication (winning writers), CommuterLit, Agnes and True, The Ekphrastic Review, Uproar, The Local (NOTL Paper), The Lake Report (NOTL Paper), Stage of Life (USA online publication) and others

                      Novels: The Sound of a Rainbow, (Latitude 46 Publishing),2023 (gr. 8 -12)

                      Caught Between the Walls, (Bygones Press), 2016 (gr. 6 -12)


                      Frayne’s short stories and poems have won in the South Simcoe Arts Festival, Eden Mills Writers Festival, the Northern Ontario Writer’s Workshop, the Banister Poetry Contest and Stratford Rotary Writing Contest. She won the Best Novel Award in the Muskoka Novel Marathon in 2019, 2020 and 2022. She’s been a frequent winner of the NOTL Rising Spirits Writing competition for both short stories and poetry. Her personal essay, ‘Stepping into a Lifetime’ was the USA national winner in the Stage of Life writing competition.

                      She won the Halton District School Board’s Award of Distinction for Creativity in Education and was nominated for the Ontario Premier’s Award for Education.

                      Associations: In addition to belonging to the Writer’s Union of Canada, she’s an NOTL Writer’s Circle board member, past president of the Niagara branch of the Canadian Author’s Association. She’s a past Editor of the CAA Niagara annual Anthology and has appeared as a guest speaker at numerous Arts Festivals. She was featured in a televised production of ‘A Christmas Carol’ with the CBC.  She also belongs to the NOTL Pumphouse Art Gallery, and is a past board member with NOTL Newcomers Club.

                      Contact Sharon To Book A Visit: