Narsimhan, Mahtab (BC)

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Torres, J (Whitby, ON)

J Torres

Award-winning Filipino Canadian comic book and graphic novel writer. Shortlisted for Forest of Reading, Red Cedar, and Bilson Award for Historical Fiction for Young People. Member of the Writer’s Union of Canada. Middle grades.

Rates are $350 for one session, $650 for two, $950 for three, plus mileage. Classroom or library setting preferred over gymnasium or auditorium. Limit of 50 students per session (negotiable). Projector and laptop required for slideshow presentation. 

Virtual rates: $200 for one session, $300 for two (within the same week).

Best suited for grades 4 to 8, each session is approximately 45-60 minutes consisting of a brief intro, a reading (excerpt or short comic story), presentation on how graphic novels are made, and a Q&A at the end. Book sales and signings available upon request.

J. has written for all the major North American comic book publishers including Archie Comics, Dark Horse, DC Comics, Image, and Marvel. He currently writes the Chirp comic in Chirp Magazine. His graphic novels include Alison Dare, Brobots, How to Spot a Sasquatch, Lola: A Ghost Story, Mighty Zodiac, Planet Hockey, and Stealing Home among others.