Narsimhan, Mahtab (BC)

Mahtab Narsimhan- H20-209960 8x10 300Writers’ Union Member. Silver Birch winning author available for school, public library, and conference visits. Member of The Writers’ Union of Canada.

Mahtab, in Persian, means moonlight. She won the Silver Birch award for her debut novel, The Third Eye. Many of her other novels have garnered critical acclaim. Mahtab loves connecting with her readers and encourages discussions about diversity. She’s comfortable with an adult audience as well as grades 4-8. As Writer-In-Residence at the Toronto District School Board and presenter at the Toronto Public Library, she has given numerous writing workshops and loves it!

Currently, due to travel constraints, she is focusing on Skype visits for Grades 4-8. Starting April 2020 when her latest picture book will be released, she will also include Grades 1-3, and will be able to present to the entire school in a day.

Skype Presentations:
Duration: 30 Minutes each
Cost: $200 plus HST for one session, $350 plus HST for two back-to-back sessions, $450 plus HST for three back to back sessions and $500 plus HST for four back-to-back sessions.


  • A PC or MAC with webcam, and a wired Internet connection
  • Skype Software and Skype ID

Other Details:

Questions will be written down in advance after having read at least one book. Each student will come up to the webcam and read out the question.
For Skype visits, payment is due in advance.

Mahtab’s books include a strong element of her Indian roots and she encourages discussions and questions on world cultures, and especially diversity. She immigrated to Canada in 1997 and is happy to share the struggles she faced while trying to fit into Canada.

Format: Here is what we will cover in the 30 minute session:

  • Where I come from and how I became a writer
  • Diversity in Writing: How to use what you know, and your background in your books. The life of an immigrant in Canada and how I worked to fit in.
  • My latest book and how it came about: the process of writing it, where I got the inspiration for it.
  • 15 Minutes of Q&A. Students will have read at least one book of mine and come prepared with questions.

Mahtab tailors her presentations to the age of her audience and makes them fun and interactive. Her talk is peppered with personal anecdotes about the challenges she faces when she writes, as well as tips and tricks she uses to meet her daily writing goals.

I also conduct Writing Workshops for grades 7-8 where I will give writing exercises and provide tips for writing creative fiction.

In-Person Presentations:

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: $300 plus HST for one session, $500 plus HST for two sessions, $750 plus HST for three sessions and $1000 plus HST for four sessions, plus travel per Canada Council mileage rates.

Equipment: A microphone, table, projector screen and multi-plug power socket. Flip-chart and markers for workshops.
Venue: All, though libraries and classrooms preferred.
Maximum number of students per session:  100 for presentations and 16 for workshops. This is slightly flexible so please contact her to discuss.

Email to contact Mahtab Narsimhan