Roberts, Jeyn (Windsor)

White Pine winner 2016 & 2013. Young Adult: ages 12 and up. Jeyn is located out of Windsor, Ontario for the next six months and will be happy to travel around the province for school and library visits.
Jeyn’s fee: $500 for a half day. $800 for a full day + travel. Multiple school visits – Price negotiable for more than one location to a school district. The more schools involved, the lower the cost.

Jeyn has done school visits and talks for over five years. She comes highly recommended and can provide references on request. She’d been a regular speaker for the Vancouver Library Book Camp and has done events such as ComicCon, the ALA, and the AWP. BodiesWeWear_9_24 Jeyn Roberts (pronounced Jen – the Y is silent) started writing at an early age, having her first story published when she was 16. When she was 21, she moved to Vancouver with dreams of being a rock star. She graduated from the University of British Columbia with a degree in Writing and Psychology. She also lived in England where she received her MA from the prestigious Creative Writing graduate course at Bath Spa University. Jeyn is a former singer, songwriter, actress, bicycle courier and tree planter. Jeyn mainly does talks to students ranging from 12+. She focuses on discussions on her life as an author, how publication works, and how she got involved in writing. She likes to include her audience with a Q&A system and has never had trouble getting students to engage with her. She will do workshops on request. She’s done events focusing on plot development, character centered writing, and how to come up with original ideas when everything’s been done to death. She’s worked with both small groups and large audiences. Coffee is always appreciated. $300 an hour for Skype visits. Email to book Jeyn: