Walters, Eric (Guelph, ON)

Eric Walters resides in Guelph, Ontario.  He is member of The Writers’ Union of Canada. He presents to students in kindergarten to high school.  His rates are $175.00 plus H.S.T. for a one-hour virtual session or in person $650.00 plus H.S.T. for a half day which is two presentations.

Eric has presented to over 2,000,000 students across Canada, throughout North America and around the world. His presentations are dramatic, engaging and multi-media.

Eric has published more than 120 books which have won over 100 awards including 4 Red Maples, 3 Silver Birches, other assorted children’s choice awards, the African Book Award, The Violet Downey, Ruth Swartz, The UNESCO Award in Service of Tolerance, The Christopher, Aesop Award from the American Folklore Society, and the Sakura Award (Japan). His books are available around the world and have been translated into 16 languages. He is the recipient of The Order of Canada.

Eric provides presentations, workshops and keynotes that are very specifically crafted to reflect grade levels, specific requests, and topics.  Through his books concerning social justice, and his ongoing commitment to a children’s program in Kenya that he co-founded – The Creation of Hope – he speaks passionately about these issues. As a former teacher he brings an understanding of curriculum, pedagogy, and understanding of, and sensitivity to, students in his presentations. He will often completely recraft a presentation to meet specific requests, grade configurations, or school needs.

Virtual sessions can be for up to 200 students in appropriate grade clusters (primary, junior, intermediate or high school). Whether virtually, or in person, Eric always provides all of the technical requirements of his presentations.

While Eric is based in Ontario he has always travelled extensively.  Now with virtual visits he is presenting world-wide (sometimes on the same day).  He is a member of the Writers’ Union of Canada.

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