Tran-Davies, Nhung (Alberta)

Nhung Tran-Davies

Wrtiers’ Union Member. Member of Alberta Writers Guild, Writers’ Union Nominated: Alberta Literary Award, Blue Spruce Award, Red Maple Award

Virtual or In-Person Visits (Alberta-based, can travel)

Presentation in English. All ages.

Rates: $250 for one 30 – 60 minute session, $450 for two, Plus a travel fee of $0.50/km if outside Toronto

Virtual visit fees: $150 for each 30 mins

Nhung’s books have been nominated for multiple awards – the Alberta Literary Award, Red Maple Award, Blue Spruce Award.

Nhung is a physician, author, mother of three, and an advocate for social justice in education. At the age of five, her family was sponsored to Canada as refugees from the Vietnam war. She loves to write children’s stories that convey the humanity in our lives.

Her presentations focus on the following themes:

Refugees & immigrants, the power of kindness

  • A Grain of Rice (middle grade/YA novel)
  • The Doll (picture book)

Poverty, the power of education

  • Ten Cents A Pound (picture book)

Audience – ideally less than 30-40 at a time, All Venues, library preferred. Equipment required: A microphone for larger groups or in the gym, or if the room acoustics are questionable. A screen and projector for power-point.

Contact Nhung today to book a visit:

    Contact Nhung to book a visit: