Cooke, Stephanie (Toronto, ON)

Stephanie Cooke. Toronto, ON. Writers’ Union of Canada Member. English. Fantasy, Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, Middle-Grade, and Young Adult. Stephanie’s rates for school visits is $300 for one session (local schools only), $500 for two sessions or for a half-day, and $900 for a full school day (maximum four sessions), plus travel if applicable. Virtual visits are $250.

Stephanie Cooke is an author and editor based out of Toronto, Canada. She is the writer of ParaNorthern and the co-writer of Oh My Gods!

She loves to speak to people about comics, graphic novels, and writing and devotes a lot of time to helping educate people about creating, understanding, and appreciating the graphic novel medium.

Ever wonder how a comic book or graphic novel gets made? How many different people work on one book? What’s the process for creating a story and turning it into a graphic novel? Stephanie delves into all of this and more as she helps people explore the world of the comic book industry and sheds light on the process of writing a story from inception to completion.

Ages: Any

Group size: Any, but especially love working with smaller groups of 15-30 kids.
A/V needs: Projector or anything to present some images to go along with the presentation.

Collaboration is hands-down the best parts of creating a graphic novel. Working with someone to bring an idea to life is an incredible feeling. Having someone to bounce ideas around with is amazing and inspiring. And getting to see an artist bring what was in your head to life on the page is nothing short of magical! With her experience as a co-writer on Oh My Gods! and a co-creator on an unannounced series, Stephanie has created this presentation to help teach you about the process, what to expect, and provide exercises for you to learn from.

Ages: Any, but works especially well ages 6 and up (and for students and adults)
Group size: 15-30

Other topics are available upon request.

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    Prins, Marie (Colborne, ON)

    Marie Prins, Colborne, Ontario, Writers Union Member, English, Grades 2-6,

    Rates: $225 for one session, $400 for two, $600 for three, $800 for full day (4 sessions), plus travel fee of .50/km round trip

     Virtual Visits Only at This Time – $150 for one 40-60 minute session, $125 for each additional session on the same day

    Marie is a remedial reading teacher who is passionate about helping children learn to read and love to read. Sharing books and stories with her students has been a highlight when she meets with them, one on one, or in group settings.

    Marie tailors each presentation to the children in front of her, sharing her experience as a storyteller, researcher, and writer in order to inspire them to read for the love of it and write to share their own stories. Her mid-grade novel The Girl From the Attic is a time travel story that offers historical insight into rural Ontario, explores family dynamics past and present, and touches on themes of health/disease pertaining to asthma, tuberculosis, and pandemics. It received two awards in 2021 from Story Monsters Ink – first in Family, second in Mid-grade. Her children’s story “Grammy’s Mittens, ”about a young girl dealing with the death of her grandmother before Christmas, appears in Volume Three of Cloud Lake Literary magazine.

    Workshops –

    Storytelling with Q & A, featuring The Girl From the Attic (grades 2-6) This workshop includes sharing the book’s backstory and additional historical information about octagonal houses (book’s setting), rural life in the early 1900s, and the plague of tuberculosis before the advent of antibiotics. A Teacher’s Guide is available for classrooms who either read the book before or after the visit.

    Time Travel Writing Workshops (grades 5 & 6) – In this workshop, Marie will help children brainstorm ideas for past or future time-travel, choose characters and settings, discover portals, plot story arcs, and devise story endings.

    Nuts and Bolts of Editing One’s Own Writing (grades 2-6) – This workshop includes brainstorming creative writing ideas (“what if”), using a writer’s notebook, working with learning buddies, rereading to check spelling & grammar, and using examples from the editing process of The Girl From the Attic and “Grammy’s Mittens” to demonstrate how one edits own writing.

    Classroom, library, workshop visits – Virtually for 2021/2022, on Zoom or Google Meets (willing to try other platforms) with school or library hosting the event. Storytelling Presentation – either one or multiple classrooms; Writing Workshops prefers small groups of 15 or less.

    Will consider small, in-person groups in a library or similar setting.

    Contact Marie to book a visit:

      Walters, Eric (Guelph, ON)

      Eric Walters resides in Guelph, Ontario.  He is member of The Writers’ Union of Canada. He presents to students in kindergarten to high school.  His rates are $175.00 plus H.S.T. for a one-hour virtual session or in person $650.00 plus H.S.T. for a half day which is two presentations.

      Eric has presented to over 2,000,000 students across Canada, throughout North America and around the world. His presentations are dramatic, engaging and multi-media.

      Eric has published more than 120 books which have won over 100 awards including 4 Red Maples, 3 Silver Birches, other assorted children’s choice awards, the African Book Award, The Violet Downey, Ruth Swartz, The UNESCO Award in Service of Tolerance, The Christopher, Aesop Award from the American Folklore Society, and the Sakura Award (Japan). His books are available around the world and have been translated into 16 languages. He is the recipient of The Order of Canada.

      Eric provides presentations, workshops and keynotes that are very specifically crafted to reflect grade levels, specific requests, and topics.  Through his books concerning social justice, and his ongoing commitment to a children’s program in Kenya that he co-founded – The Creation of Hope – he speaks passionately about these issues. As a former teacher he brings an understanding of curriculum, pedagogy, and understanding of, and sensitivity to, students in his presentations. He will often completely recraft a presentation to meet specific requests, grade configurations, or school needs.

      Virtual sessions can be for up to 200 students in appropriate grade clusters (primary, junior, intermediate or high school). Whether virtually, or in person, Eric always provides all of the technical requirements of his presentations.

      While Eric is based in Ontario he has always travelled extensively.  Now with virtual visits he is presenting world-wide (sometimes on the same day).  He is a member of the Writers’ Union of Canada.

      Contact Eric to book a visit:

        Bow, James (Kitchener, ON)






        Waterloo Region (Available for GTA, Hamilton, Niagara, London and parts in between). Writers’ Union Member. VPRS checked and logged with TDSB. English author. Middle grade, young adult. Grades 5 to 12. James’ rate is $300 for one 45-60 min session, $550 for 2, $750 for 3, $900 for 4 (max 4 per day), plus travel by car or transit). HST extra. 

        photo credit: Christine Saunders photographer

        James has published three MG-YA fantasies, one YA-SF and has two YA fantasies coming in 2019. His YA-SF novel Icarus Down won the 2017 Prix Aurora Award for best Canadian YA SF Novel.

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        Anderson, R.J. (Stratford)

        Writers’ Union Member. Author of thrilling yet thought-provoking speculative fiction for children and teens. $300 for one hour-long session, $525 for two, $750 for three, and $900 for a full day, plus mileage for visits outside local area. Willing to travel anywhere within a 150 km radius from Stratford (which includes most of the GTA); open to travelling further if accommodation and meals are provided.

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