Campbell, Curtis. (Toronto, ON)

Curtis Campbell

White Pine 2024 nomination. Dora Mavor Moore Award, Best New Play nominee. Second City Award For Outstanding Comedy winner.

Booking Rates: $300 for one session, $450 for two, $675 for three, $900 for a full day (four sessions). Plus a travel fee of $0.50/km if outside Toronto.

Virtual visit fee: $200

Curtis Campbell is a novelist and playwright based out of Toronto. His novel Dragging Mason County is a nominee for the 2024 White Pine award, and was recently given a starred review by Publisher’s Weekly. Curtis performs drag and comedy under the name Alanis Percocet.


Curtis Campbell is a novelist and playwright with years of experience in Theatre For Young Audiences and leading classroom workshops. He offers formal writing workshops, and less formal classroom talks about his work and about the craft of writing. His workshops are available for grade 6-12 and are adjusted based on the age bracket.

Grade 6-12

 45-90 minute workshops

Dragging Mason County

Discussion of the White Pine nominated novel, and Curtis’ process while writing it. Discussion topics include LGBTQIA+ youth issues, friendship and chosen family, allyship, homophobia and transphobia, theatre and drag, managing mental health, managing anger, issues around social media,and gender expression.

Talk To An Author and Playwright

An engaging Q+A about the literary and theatre industries with a particular interest in discussing how students can begin developing, or continue developing their own artistic practice.

Writing Character Voice

A workshop on writing in the first person, how to develop the voice of your character,  how to begin developing your writing style, and how to effectively critique your own work and other’s. Students will share their work

Self Editing

A practical workshop on editing for both fiction and non-fiction to produce more engaging writing.

Developing Comedic Voice

As an award winning comedy writer, I know a thing or two about writing effective pieces in a comedic voice. This workshop will involve a look at my own approach to comedy, and how I developed my own comedic voice. From there the students will write short comedic monologues before discussing what works about them, and how the students can take that writing further.


I am a working playwright and have ten years of experience creating plays in both the independent and professional worlds. This workshop will explore the basics of playwriting and teach students about the process of scene creation by having them write one of their own.


A practical workshop focussed on how dialogue works for both novels and plays, its use to convey character and plot, and how to develop dialogue consistent with the tone and style of the piece you are writing. Students will write and share work for discussion.

Writing About Ourselves

A workshop based around writing about yourself! In memoir, journal, fiction and nonfiction.
I believe that everyone is a writer. People often say that they have nothing to write about, but we all have the ability to write about ourselves. This workshop is about putting yourself on the page using memory, identity, geography, imagination and site-specific practices to show students that they are writers too.

These workshops can be performed in a single classroom, or with merged classrooms.

The ideal group for writing workshops would be smaller, but I can make larger groups work just as well if there are a few staff members present.

A microphone would be great to have if we are meeting in a gym or cafeteria.

Workshops will always change by school and group, so I’m happy to customize and adjust based on your needs.

Contact Curtis to book a visit:

    McLaughlin, Kate (Waterbury, Connecticut)

    USA Today and Amazon bestseller. 2022 White Pine winner. 2023 White Pine nominee. Multiple American awards. Young Adult and Adult focus. In-person visits, airfare/travel + accommodation. Negotiable depending on location and event.

    Virtual visits $250 + HST for 30-60 minutes. $400 for two sessions. Multiple session rate negotiable.

    Kate is a multi-genre author with several pen names and more than twenty-years’ experience in the publishing industry. She has written for several big New York houses and has spoken at events such as Book Expo America, DragonCon and New York ComicCon. She has also taught writing classes and given workshops on writing and publishing. Born in Nova Scotia, Kate lived in Halifax, Ottawa and Toronto before moving to the US with her husband.

    On the Young Adult level, Kate has done many in-school visits and loves talking to teens about books, writing and life in general. She is flexible with her presentation style, focusing on the needs of the audience rather than a set program. She is more than happy to work with teachers and educators if there are certain topics they wish to see covered and can quickly adapt if the situation calls for it. While her books tend to deal with heavier social issues, Kate is a very positive person and carries that vibe into her presentations.

    Kate often talks about how young she was when she first discovered books and writing, how that love of fiction got her through her teen years, and how she was eventually able to realize her dream of being a writer. Having also self-published, she is able to speak to kids – and adults – not only on how to break into the traditional market, but also how to make it in the indy market as well. She also offers workshops on plotting, character and finding your voice through studying other writers. As a veteran of the publishing industry, she is able to speak on almost any topic if there is a preference.

    Some possible topics of discussion based on Kate’s books include Human Trafficking and sexual assault (What Unbreakable Looks Like, 2022 White Pine winner), social media and the public obsession with serial killers (Daughter, 2023 White Pine nominee), and dissociative identity disorder and mental health (Pieces of Me, April 2023 release).

    Kate has no requirements of venue, but preference is given to those that allow her to connect and interact with the audience.

    Contact Kate to book a visit:

      Younge-Ullman, Danielle (Toronto, ON)

      Writers Union Member. White Pine Award Winner and two-time nominee, also nominated for Governor General’s award, Amy Mathers Teen Book award, Ruth and Sylvia Schwartz award, among others—a total of 18 nominations and Best-of lists. YA Author of HE MUST LIKE YOU, EVERYTHING BEAUTIFUL IS NOT RUINED, and LOLA CARLYE’S 12 STEP ROMANCE.

      Danielle’s virtual visit fee is $200 per 50-60 minute session. In person visits are $300 for 1 hour presentation; $550 for 2, $800 for 3, plus travel for locations outside Toronto.

      Danielle is a confident and dynamic presenter who loves talking about books with people of all ages. She attained a BA from McGill, worked for years as an actor before turning to writing, and has had a wild variety of jobs—everything from acting, to dubbing English voices for Japanese TV, to temping, to teaching Pilates, to freelance writing. Danielle lives Toronto with her husband and two daughters.

      Presentations: Because of her background in theatre, Danielle is very comfortable in front of an audience and loves engaging with readers. Though she writes teen fiction, she can also adjust her presentations for groups as young as grade 5 and 6. Presentations can be geared toward each group, and can be done with more of a workshop emphasis if required. All presentations include time for questions!

      Age range: grades 5 and up, but ideally grades 7-12. Danielle also loves presenting to and working with adult groups, and meeting with book clubs.


      Pantsters, Plotters & Making Soup: A discussion of the essential elements of fiction, and explanations of some of the different techniques used by writers to craft story and write fiction.

      Turning Real Life Into Fiction: The process of using your own stories as inspiration for fiction is deeper, more layered, and much more detailed than it looks. In this session, Danielle will take you through the process of distilling the essence of your experiences, and using the most compelling themes and elements to create a work of fiction, using He Must Like You and Everything Beautiful Is Not Ruined as examples.

      How to Pursue a Career as a Novelist: A presentation that explains the process of becoming a professional writer, from beginning writing through searching for an agent, to going through the process of being published. This presentation is great for students who are interested in the arts, and in the process of making decisions about their futures.

      How to Revise the Crap Out of Your Manuscript: Danielle is an in-depth and joyfully ruthless reviser. In this session she will go through the steps she takes to revise her manuscripts in a way that can also be applied to shorter works. Subjects will include character consistency, POV, tone, tightening and/or expanding, layering in new characters and plot lines, analyzing structure, and general troubleshooting of things that aren’t working. 

      Equipment: podium or desk, microphone for groups larger than 40. Maximum group size: 40-60 for optimum interaction, but Danielle is also comfortable in front of larger groups. 25 or fewer for workshops.

      Contact Danielle Younge-Ullman:

        Kerbel, Deborah (Toronto, ON)

        Writers’ Union Member. Fiction & NF. GG finalist. Forest of Reading Yellow Cedar Winner. Red Cedar Winner. 2x Junior Library Guild Gold Standard. Silver Birch Honour. Picture Book, Middle Grade, Graphic Novel, Young Adult.

        In-person: $350 for one session, $600 for 2, $850 for 3, $1000 for 4, + travel (no travel costs within GTA). Full day fee can be split between two neighbouring schools. Out of town visits require two or more bookings. Can present in English and French.

        Virtual Visits: $250, for one session, 20-60 minutes, $150 for each additional session on the same day.

        Deborah Kerbel is the award-winning author of twenty-five books for children and teens. She’s an experienced presenter and energetic speaker who uses an interactive style to engage her audience. She loves visiting new schools, travelling, sharing her passion for books, and meeting readers and writers of all ages. Her enthusiasm is infectious and Deborah has often been called “the best author who has ever visited our school”. Based in Thornhill, Ontario, she’s the proud mom of two young adults and a rescue Schnoodle named Fred.

        SAMPLE PRESENTATIONS BY GRADE (I’m always open to requests for modifications and/or specific books):

        Sun Dog – Grades K-3

        During this 45 minute presentation, I read from my award-winning picture book, Sun Dog and discuss the inspiration behind the story. We talk about where ideas come from and how thoughts and ideas can grow into something bigger. We look at the artwork and talk about the differences between rough drafts and final illustrations. Finally, we discuss some of the science between the pages such as the Arctic Circle, Midnight Sun, Sun Dogs, as well as life in the arctic.

        Final 10 – 15 minutes of my presentation will be available for Q & A.

        *a shorter, 25 minute version of this presentation is available on request for JK-G1.

        Weather Days  – Grades K-3

        During this 45 minute presentation, I will read from a selection of the four titles from my award-winning picture book series (Snow Days, Sunny Days, Windy Days, Rainy Days), and discuss the inspiration behind the stories. I’ll speak to students about the seasons and various different kinds of weather that accompany them. There will be fun grade-specific STEM activities to accompany each book. Final 10 – 15 minutes of my presentation will be available for Q & A.

        *a shorter, 25 minute version of this presentation is available on request for JK – G1.

        The Path to Publication – Grades 4-8

        During this interactive 60 minute presentation, I discuss who I am, how I became a writer, and my road to publication. I also include a fun quiz on famous children’s authors which always captures the interest of the audience and encourages their participation. Publication is a difficult road and one of the main themes of my presentation is how hard work, persistence, and determination will always lead to success. I also discuss my novels and upcoming projects, including various personal anecdotes about each of my books.

        During the final 15 minutes of my presentation will be for a reading from my latest book + Q & A session.

        Fred & Marjorie – Grades 4-8

        During this 60 minute presentation, I will discuss and expand on the historical and scientific themes from my 2023 Forest of Reading Award Winning graphic novel, Fred & Marjorie, starting with an explanation of what diabetes is, how it used to be treated before insulin, the role of insulin in the body, and the process by which it was discovered by Banting and Best in Ontario in 1921. I will also discuss the role of the insulin dogs in this discovery, and touch on the ethics of using animals in medical research.

        The final 10 – 15 minutes of my presentation will be available for Q & A.

        Maximum number of students per session: 60-80 (flexible)

        Venue: All acceptable, but library preferred.

        Equipment requirements: Projector and screen, glass of water, microphone for larger groups.

        Workshops: Deborah’s interactive workshop is designed to help emerging writers take their craft to the next level. Participants can expect to come away with a variety of creative new ideas and material for their writing as well as the tools to implement them. We’ll discuss story ideas, characters, settings, and plot problems. During the final part of the workshop, participants will take several minutes to write a scene using some of the story components that were collectively brainstormed within the group.

        Maximum workshop size: 15 (flexible)

        Venue: All acceptable, but library preferred.

        Equipment requirements: Projector and screen, glass of water, microphone for larger groups.

        Contact Deborah Kerbel to book a visit:

          Groth, Darren (Vancouver)







          Vancouver BC. Writers’ Union Member. Aussie adopted by Canada; Finalist in GG Lit Awards and BC Book Prizes, multi awards in Australia.

          Fees: $300 for 1 session, $500 for 2, $700 for 3, 850 for 4 (plus HST). A day can be
          shared between two cooperating schools. For the GTA (and Toronto bookings near GO stations), Darren can GO TRAIN (not buses or subway) travel both ways all day; he requires pick up and drop off at the GO stations. Where GO Trains are not feasible, car or taxi pick-up from Darren’s hotel is requested.

          Virtual Visits: $100 plus HST, 30 minutes; $150 plus HST, 60 minutes FaceTime.

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          Krossing, Karen (Toronto, ON)

          Karen Krossing June 2019

          Writers’ Union Member. YA and MG fiction. Picture books (nonfiction and fiction). K to 12. Karen’s rate is $250 plus HST for one session, $450 for two, $675 for three, $900 for a full day (4 sessions). Mileage within Toronto may be waived. A virtual visit is $150 plus HST.

          Karen Krossing is the author of many books for kids and teens, including picture books One Tiny Bubble and Sour Cakes, and novels Monster vs. Boy, Punch Like a Girl, Bog, and Cut the Lights.  She won the SCBWI Crystal Kite Award for Canada in 2015 and 2023 and has been a finalist for the Ontario Library Association White Pine Award and the Joan F. Kaywell Books Save Lives Award, among other honors. Karen has been conducting book talks and workshops since 2002, and she has an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from the Vermont College of Fine Arts. She loves meeting readers and writers of all ages.

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