Rasberry, Gary (Kingston)

Gary Rasberry Philosopher. Poet. Imagination Consultant. Musician. Artist. Educator. Juno-nominated children’s artist. Award-winning classroom creativity workshop facilitator. Workshop rates: $250 for one, $450 for two, $650 for three,$850 for four. Concert rates: Same as above for divisional concerts (JK, Primary, Junior, Intermediate). Full school performance: $550. Combo day: three workshops plus full school performance: $1000, plus travel.

Gary Rasberry. Philosopher. Poet. Imagination Consultant. Musician. Artist. Educator. Ph.D. in Education, Over 20 years experience as an artist and  educator, Gary has held artist-in-residencies internationally (California, Barcelona, Amsterdam), nationally (British Columbia, Alberta, Nova Scotia, Ontario) and locally (his hometown Kingston, Ontario). JUNO-nominated children’s artist offers Song, Story & Sound Workshops and Concert Performances in schools everywhere.


What’s the Big Idea at your school? Gary Rasberry helps students discover and explore ideas both Big & Small through the Art of Song & Story & Sound.  Explore curricular elements of music, digital recording technology, drama and literacy-based learning in hands-on workshops or enjoy a highly participative musical concert.


Concert Performances, featuring Juno-nominated music, offered as an entire school concert, as divisional concerts or for one particular grade level (e.g. several Grade 4 classes combined)


Workshop I   Right Off the Page! Creating Audio Books

Ever wonder what Dr. Seuss might do with an iPad and some recording gear? Come Play, Improvise, Experiment & “Mess Around” with Song Story & Sound in a workshop where ‘Hi-tech’ multi-tracking software (Garage Band) meets ‘No-tech’ read-aloud books. In a workshop Alive with Literacy we’ll pull stories Right Off the Page to bring our creations to life and record them as audio-books.

Suitable for Grade 4-8

Group Size:  20-30 (An entire classroom of students OR with a group of students selected from different classes.)

Workshop II  Songwriting

Explore the art of songwriting through hands-on experience in a workshop setting. Develop and hone your ability to work with ideas, lyrics, melody & groove. Create & Record a Demo of your song.  Choose to focus songwriting on curricular areas and topics of the teacher’s choosing. (Math Songs: e.g. Even Odd Numbers, Skip Counting, Common Fractions; Social Studies: Early Civilizations)

Suitable for Grades 6-8

Group Size:  15-20.  Best suited for students who ‘self-select’ and have a desire to experiment with songwriting (rather than an entire classroom group).

Workshop III   Creating Across the Curriculum Using Audio Soundscapes

Create soundscapes—multi-tracked sound collages—that include songs, stories & sound-bites using recording software (Garage Band) and high-quality recording equipment. The soundscape can be curriculum/subject area-based.

Suitable for Grades 1-8

Group Size: Choose a select groups of students (15-20) who would like to work in a particular subject area or topic OR a classroom of students (30) already exploring a curricular topic. (e.g. First Nation Peoples, Canadian landforms)

Workshop IV   Participatory Sing Song Session

This highly participatory session weaves story and song through active, invitational and playful singing.

Suitable for JK/SK

The session is shorter to match the attention span of younger children. (20-30 minutes). Enables you to book 2-3 KG groups in an hour.

Set-up requirements

Workshops can take place in the classroom, resource centre/library or other common area. Data projector and audio speakers required. (Smart board a bonus.) Concerts:  gym or resource centre/library.

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