Rao, Anuradha (Vancouver, BC)

Anuradha Rao

Member of The Writers’ Union of Canada and the Federation of British Columbia Writers. Language of presentation: English. Grade levels: 3 to adult. Available for virtual visits.

Rate: sliding scale $250-$350 per session + GST.

Anuradha Rao, M.Sc., R.P.Bio, Cert. RNS is a marine conservation biologist, writer and facilitator.

Anu was born and raised in Ontario. She has worked on research, conservation, restoration, planning and stewardship projects with communities and organizations on the coasts of Canada and in 12 other countries. A child of Indian immigrants, her worldview and approach to science are heavily influenced by teachings from her own culture and from Indigenous knowledge holders. These teachings and the principles of ecology have shown her that everything and everyone is connected, and that we must remember this in our actions and interactions.

Anuradha Rao

One Earth Workshops:

One Earth sessions are always interactive! The program can be adapted as needed, but in general includes:

*An icebreaker or stretch

*Brief story of the author’s journey

*Themes cultural diversity and heroes

*Sharing the faces and words of environmental role models

*A reading from One Earth

*Participatory activities:

Elementary through secondary: The focus is on encouraging children and youth to think about and express their own or their family’s connections to nature through meditation, movement and art. 

Post-secondary and adult: Activities are tailored to the audience and can involve small group work, plenary sharing or personal reflection to explore ideas such as how we connect to role models, the natural world and each other.

These activities can have options for inclusivity, for example verbal, visual, written and anonymous participation. Advance correspondence with teachers or coordinators is preferred to enable the workshop to meet participants’ and educators’ needs.

Custom workshops: 

Trained in participatory facilitation and experienced in delivering presentations and workshops for all ages, Anuradha can tailor a workshop to the needs of any group from youth to adults, following advance discussion with group leaders. Potential presentation and workshop topics include (but are not limited to):

*connecting with nature 

*pathways to careers in conservation and the environment

*the intersections of science, environment and culture

*from interviewing to storytelling

*the art and science of writing grant proposals and reports

Rate: Variable depending on length and complexity.

Equipment: Virtual visits preferentially require an existing platform and support personnel to manage technical aspects. Workshops for schools can benefit from access to basic drawing materials, e.g. paper and markers, pencils or crayons. Home-based learners can use household items.

Contact Anuradha for a visit: