Laidlaw, Rob (Toronto, ON)

Rob LaidlawToronto. Writers’ Union Member. Silver Birch Non-Fiction Award and Hackmatack Award winner.  All ages. Rob’s rate is $250 for one session, $450 for 2, $600 for 3, $800 for 4 (maximum of 4 per day / if outside of Toronto area minimum of 2 per day), plus travel costs for locations outside of Toronto. Virtual Visits: (first 15 minute session is free), subsequent 30 – 60  minute sessions $100, Skype. No HST.

Rob is an award-winning author of nine children’s books, biologist, professional wildlife campaigner, part-time adventurer and recipient of the prestigious Federic A. McGrand Lifetime Achievement Award for substantial contributions to animal welfare in Canada.

Rob is an experienced and compelling presenter who has spoken to audiences across Canada, including several Canadian Children’s Book Week and Hackmatack tours, as well as around the world. Rob has worked to protect a wide range of animals including elephants, bears, wild horses, northern dogs, reptiles and many other species. He is equally comfortable speaking to kids in a classroom or to large adult audiences at international conferences.


Rob’s 45 – 60 minute presentations are dynamic, entertaining and interactive. They’re illustrated with excellent images, videos and/or props and contain fascinating content and stories about animals, nature, as well as Rob’s personal stories about helping animals around the world. Most presentations also feature profiles of kids who are engaged in activities and initiatives to help animals and nature and suggestions about how everyone can get involved in making the world a better place.

Rob’s newest presentation, Bat Citizens, The World of Bats and the Kids Who Help Them, features amazing facts about the biology, behaviour, lifestyles and conservation challenges faced by bats, and profiles of kids working to protect them. Every student will leave with a new appreciation and understanding of these mysterious, misunderstood and beneficial creatures, as well as ideas about how they can do their part to ensure that bats remain a part of Canada’s natural landscapes.

Other presentations based on one or more of Rob’s nine books include Amazing Elephants, The World of Dogs and Being a Cat Champion, in addition to presentations about other kinds of animals, wildlife issues and civic responsibility for kids. Presentations can be catered according to individual need, age group, etc.

All presentations are followed by a Q & A session.

All venues are acceptable, but libraries and classrooms are preferred.

Optimal audience size is less than100, but smaller and larger groups are acceptable.

Equipment requirements:  A laptop computer (if available), LCD (data) projector, projector stand or table, extension cord and screen. For larger groups (more than a typical classroom size), some kind of amplified sound system is required, including a microphone with a boom stand or, better yet, a lapel or headset microphone.

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