Krampien, Celia (Welland, ON)

SCBWI member.

Celia Krampien writes and illustrates picture books and novels for young people. She grew up in a small town (population 400) in rural Southern Ontario where she spent most of her time reading and exploring the woods around her house. Celia loves creating bright, colourful, emotionally complex books. Celia’s books are best suited for students in grades JK – 8 but is happy to be flexible and adapt presentations to meet the needs of students of any age.

Book topics: the power of stories, handling adversity, facing fears, differences in perspective, friendship, bullying, Halloween.


Virtual Visits

$200 – 1 hour virtual presentation + drawing activity + Q&A  (Gr 3 and up)

$100 – 30 minute picture book story time and drawing demo (Gr JK – 2)

In-Person Visits

$250 – two 30 minute picture book story time and drawing activity sessions (Gr JK – 2)

$300 – 1 hour  presentation + interactive activity + Q&A (Gr 3 and up)

$500 – two 1 hour presentations with interactive activity and Q&A (Gr 3 and up)

$900 – all day visit, as many presentations/activities/Q&A sessions as we can fit! (Gr JK and up)

In-Person, Large Groups (50+ attendees)

$400 – 1 hr presentation + interactive activity + Q&A (requires podium, slideshow projection system, microphone & sound system)

*HST will be charged on all fees

Presentations (all can all be offered virtually or in-person)

Storytime and draw-along – 30 mins (JK – Grade 2)

– Picture book(s) read aloud

– Drawing and colouring activity – students can draw and colour along as Celia demonstrates how to draw characters from her books

– Q & A session

Telling Stories with Pictures – 1 hour (Grades 3 – 5)

– Slideshow presentation about using words and pictures as storytelling tools with examples from Celia’s recent book with Kristen Dickson, Fiona Builds a Fairyhouse

– interactive drawing activity – students draw along with Celia, drawing their own fairytale creatures and creating a story to introduce them to the rest of the class (requires easel and large pad of paper)

– Q&A session

How a Story Becomes a Book (And Why Does it Take So Long?!) – 1 hour (Grades 4 and up)

– slideshow presentation showing the step-by-step process of the creation of Celia’s spooky middle grade novel, The Bellwoods Game. Students will get a behind the scenes peek at Celia’s journey, starting at her first attempts at writing through to publication day

– interactive activity- students will tryout different brainstorming techniques to answer the age old question of where ideas come from (requires easel and large pad of paper)

– Q&A session

Cover Stories – the making of a book cover (Grades 4 and up)

– slideshow presentation about the step-by-step process of creating illustrated covers for middle grade novels and why sometimes it’s okay to judge a book by its cover

– interactive activity – students draw along with Celia to create their own book covers (requires easel and large pad of paper)

– Q&A session

Equipment Required:

–      Projector to display slideshow (in-person visits)

–      easel and large pad of paper for presentations activities

–      Paper, pencils/crayons/markers for students for presentations with brainstorming and draw-along activities.

–      Microphone, sound system and podium for larger groups (50+ attendees)

Contact Celia to book a visit: