Hune, Bernice (Toronto)

Storytellers of Canada. Gold Mountain Stories. Traditional Asian folklore & Canada’s immigrant history (FDK – 12). Per session, 80-100 students. Three Sessions $625 + travel from Toronto.

A seasoned performer, Bernice has presented at 1001 school and festival events, from Vancouver Island for the TD Canadian Children’s Book Week Tour to Halifax for the Canadian Museum of Immigration – Pier 21, as well as at the Singapore International Storytelling Festival.

In GTA, Bernice shapes each presentation to the listeners. What languages are students hearing at home?  In Bernice’s childhood Toronto home, voices talked in Cantonese. Elders told enchanted fables as well as personal stories about the railway, the head tax and the struggle for the rights of full citizenship.  Her performances delight and inform audiences of all ages.

“Excellent stories – younger students appreciated the humour, enjoyed opportunities to join in on story chants and movement. Great multicultural emphasis!!” – Tamara Clark, Literacy Coordinator, Warren Park

Bernice displays an iron spike, silk cocoons, moon calendar animals, sumie   brushes & other items for interactive programming.   JK to grade 8 guide:

  • “The Magic Paint Brush” & other traditional tales for celebration
  • “Leung!”, a dragon sounding word to actively engage the very young
  • “Li-Shi & the Mulberry Tree“ tells of  intrigue on the ancient trade route
  • “Ghost Train”, a Canadian classic about the transcontinental railway
  • “BaBa’s Blue Shirt” – social justice & hidden head tax papers
  • “Three Generations  Under one Roof” – funny & heartfelt collisions

For youth and adults, Bernice tells historical narratives with fictional characters that she has created, including:

  • “Mr. Yip’s Laundry” – a WWII veteran must fight for the right to vote
  • ”Shoes for Suyin”– in the Chinese Exclusion era, an opera performer with luck & pluck enters Canada

“Outstanding and thought provoking -our history of Canada includes such diversity and should be embraced. Students were completely engaged and very excited to hear the stories. “Ghost Train” gave a captivating backdrop of Canadian Chinese history during the CPR creation.  Thank you for sharing your own personal stories also!”- Jennifer Mohamed, Teacher-Librarian, Donview Middle School, Toronto

Each Session tailored to the participants.  Three Session Fee $575.

  • JK/SK                       45 min.  (about 75 students)
  • grade 1-3             55 min.  (4 classes, max. 80 )
  • grade 4-8             60 min.  (3 classes, max. 100)
  • grade 9-12 varies with venue

Solo concert, family literacy evening, workshop and guest speaking engagements available, fee varies with venue.

Bernice is a storyteller, actor, radio broadcaster and arts educator. Her presentations highlight the Autumn Moon Festival, Lunar New Year & Asian Heritage month in May.

Prefers a Library setting, but adapts to any space.

Needs a table, chart board with a ledge (marker & masking tape),

world map and microphone for some settings.

Email us to book Bernice: