Humphrey, Anna (Kitchener-Waterloo, ON)

annahumphrey1Kitchener-Waterloo. English author. Grades 2–6. $275 + HST for one 45–60 minute session in-person. Virtual (Skype) visits: $150 + HST for 30–60 minutes.

Anna is the author of the Megabat series (ideal for readers 6–9) and of the comic-filled Clara Humble series (for readers ages 8–12). She is also the author of Ruby Goldberg’s Bright Idea, a middle grade novel that relates to simple machines/Rube Goldberg machines and ties in well with STEM topics.


Presentations will include a talk about what it takes to become an author and a discussion about craft (from finding inspiration, to making your words ring true, to revising, then revising again). There will also
be a short reading and an opportunity for students to ask questions.

Maximum number of students per session: 150 (flexible)
Preferred venues: library, classroom
Equipment requirements: table, screen with laptop set up for PowerPoint, microphone if the only space available is the gymnasium.