How to be a dream author

Marsha Skrypuch’s How to be a dream visiting author (or illustrator)

A dream author arrives on time.

A dream author emails an invoice at least two weeks in advance.

A dream author advises the teacher or librarian of any grants or subsidies available.

A dream author finds out which door to enter and where to park ahead of time, or if taking public transit, figures it all out ahead of time.

A dream author always brings something as a gift. This can be bookmarks, a book for the library, links to free downloadable teacher guides, a cup of coffee for the librarian, a 15 minute drop-in to JKs, or sticking around for an extra ten minutes at the end to sign library copies of your books, or to graciously meet with that parent who is an aspiring author. Illustrators can do a demo and then donate the artwork to the venue.

A dream author follows up with a thank you note, either emailed or snail mailed.