Munday, Evan (Toronto)

Author and illustrator of the Dead Kid Detective Agency Series and more. Sessions are $225 per hour-long session. For travel outside the greater Toronto area, transportation fees may apply.

Evan Munday is the author of the two-time Silver Birch nominated middle-grade Dead Kid Detective Agency series, which includes The Dead Kid Detective Agency, Dial M for Morna, and, new in 2015, Loyalist to a Fault.













Munday offers a few different types of presentations:

(1) Reading / presentation – Evan performs an interactive presentation about the Dead Kid Detective Agency series, involving live reading, the stories and history behind the books, as well as a short drawing demonstration. [Audience limit: 200]

(2) Writing workshop – Evan talks about the process of writing mysteries, then leads groups in writing mystery stories of their own. Evan presents a crime and a series of suspects and it’s up to the students to solve the mystery. Budding authors choose their favourite solutions and use them as a springboard for their own mysteries tales. [Audience limit: 35]

(3) Illustration workshop – Evan draws on his illustration and comic book background to lead students in some lessons on character design and creating their very own comic books. [Audience limit: 35] Recommended equipment: digital projector, flipchart.

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