McLeod, Cinders (Toronto)

Writers’ Union Member. Now doing virtual visits only: $200 for one 60 minute session, $350 for 2, $525 for 3, $675 for 4. Maximum 4
sessions per day. JK to SK: two 30-minute sessions for the price of 1.

Cinders presents to JK to Grade 3. Single class size is best for discussion, but Cinders is flexible.

Author-illustrator of the Moneybunnies financial literacy for young children series, published by Penguin N.Y. She is also a well known human rights cartoonist and musician. Cinders has 20 years’ experience in Canadian and British books and newspapers, is the creator of the 8-year-old Broomie Law cartoon and one of the few published, women political cartoonists in the world. She is also an experienced performer (singer, songwriter, double bassist with a record on Billy Bragg’s label) and cartoon workshop presenter. She wrote and illustrated EARN IT! SPEND IT! SAVE IT! and GIVE IT! for ages 3- 8 because it’s never too early to teach children about money. The Moneybunnies series is popular with STEM educators.



Financial planning never looked so good –Kirkus Reviews

Cinders begins her workshop with a reading of the first three Moneybunny
books: EARN IT!, SPEND IT!, SAVE IT! And GIVE IT! Bun wants to be RICH and FAMOUS! Will that happen overnight? NO! Does she have to earn it? YES! Bun’s mom quietly reminds Bun that most good things, like the garden they are growing, take time, work and come with their own reward of self-worth.

Sonny just got his allowance and wants to buy EVERYTHING! But three carrots
won’t go that far, so his mom says he needs to make a choice. Having to choose
doesn’t sound like fun, but after a little thinking and a little math, Sonny is excited to choose what’s really worth his carrots. And being smart about his spending turns out to be a great feeling!

Honey’s five little siblings are bouncy and LOUD – and sometimes all she
wants is some peace and quiet. She dreams about getting a place of her own,
but she earns only two carrots a week from babysitting. So what’s a bunny to
do? Get creative and figure out a savings plan! Even if it means forgoing a treat
or two, saving her carrots is worth it–because with a little patience, Honey can
make her dream come true.

Chummy wants to SAVE THE WORLD! Will it be easy? NO! Will he find a super
way to help? YES! Does he learn that the best plans start small and grow? YES!
Does he learn that he doesn’t need a superhero costume to become a hero?
YES! The joy of giving has never felt so good.

Cinders uses the books’ themes to discuss with the children what they want to
do when they grow up and why it’s important to do what they love to do.
Cinders talks about the challenge of being a woman cartoonist and double
bassist, but how she sticks at it because she loves it.

Cinders uses the international bunny currency of carrots in her books but in
her workshops touches lightly upon subjects like Canada’s currency as well as
delayed gratification, personal responsibility for one’s success, personal
wealth not equalling personal worth and the importance of sharing. My Private
Money Diary is another aid she uses to encourage discussion. Activities can include colouring in cartoon-graphics and making Moneybunny jar labels (earn, spend, save and give). At the end of the workshop the children will have their own cartoon-graphics and labels to take home with them. And, with hope, they will inspire money conversations with their own families. Graphics from the four books can also be copied and applied using counters.

SET-UP REQUIREMENTS: photocopies of cartoon-graphics to colour in (I send
high resolution pdfs in advance), label printing paper if teachers want to print
jar labels, colour pencils.

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