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Syed, Anoosha (Milton, ON)

Forest of Reading Blue Spruce Award Nominee, APALA Honor for Bilal Cooks Daal, Society of Illustrators Original Art Show, Royal Society’s Young People’s Book Prize Shortlist, featured in Netflix series ‘Bookmarks’, featured in Eric Carle museum, Otter Award nominee

Anoosha Syed is a Pakistani-Canadian character designer and the illustrator of over twenty books, including I Am Perfectly Designed by Karamo Brown, APALA honor book, Bilal Cooks Daal by Aisha Saeed and her author/illustrator debut, That’s Not My Name!

Book topics: Empathy, First Day of School, Self-empowerment, Food and Culture. Family, South Asian


  • $350 – Two 30min sessions of storytime reading, drawing demo, and Q+A (best suited for JK-Gr 1)
  • $350 – 1hr presentation session
  • $550 – 2 sessions
  • $800 – 3 sessions
  • $1000 – Full day visit: Here, you can squeeze in AS MANY sessions as you are able to. You have me for the whole day!

+ HST fees + Travel fees of $0.50/km (From Milton) (Visits are a minimum of 1hr)

I usually work with children ages JK-Gr 5. But older kids/teens can also benefit from learning about the life of an author/illustrator, and a love for writing and drawing!


My session is a 1hr presentation and Q&A that covers my career, how I wrote and illustrated the book That’s Not My Name!, and the importance of diversity/inclusivity in books and ends with a live drawing demonstration.

I can also offer a workshop component! In this segment, we learn the importance of good character design, and we would draw ourselves as characters in my book.

I don’t have a limit on how many students can be in a presentation. However, if you are looking to add the drawing workshop, then I would ask that the audience be limited to 23 children or as many as can be comfortably seated on tables/the floor to follow along the exercise with simple drawing materials and my worksheet.

This is a guideline of what I offer, but I am happy to be flexible and work around your school needs; if you’d like me to focus on any particular topics, books or activities we can definitely discuss!

Other notes
A projector is required for in-person visits, and microphone + podium for larger groups.
For drawing activities, an easel with paper as well as paper, markers, crayons for the children to draw along with.
In-person presentations for JK-2 max 30 per group, teacher/facilitator MUST be present.

Contact Anoosha to book a visit:

    Polak, Monique (Montreal, Quebec)

    Writers’ Union of Canada, CANSCAIP, Quebec Writers’ Federation, English Language Arts Network

    Monique Polak is three-time winner of the Quebec Writers’ Federation Prize for Children’s and Young Adult Literature, recently renamed the Janet Savage Blachford Prize for Children’s and Young Adult Literature. Her work has been nominated for several prizes including the Arthur Ellis Award, Best Juvenile or Crime Book and the Geoffrey Bilson Award for Historical Fiction for Young People.

    Presentation rates: $250 per hour. Plus travel unless I am in Toronto area for
    other reasons. I come to Toronto several times a year to visit family and friends. I charge HST.

    Monique Polak is the author of 32 books for young people – and she has two
    more books slated for publication! Monique was a long-time teacher at
    Marianopolis College in Montreal, where she taught, amongst other courses,
    Writing for Children and Print Journalism. Monique began her writing career as a reporter and her stories have been published in newspapers across Canada. A
    classic extrovert, Monique loves doing writing workshops with kids (and adults) of all ages. Monique’s mother was a Holocaust survivor who went to school with Anne Frank, and Monique has a special interest in Holocaust stories and the history of the Holocaust.

    Monique has done writing workshops for students in Grade 1 all the way to

    With her youngest audiences (Grades 1-3), Monique teaches basic story-telling
    skills, such as how to find a beginning, middle and end, and how to ensure that a story has drama. She also reads from her new picture book, The Brass Charm.

    With older audiences (this includes students in Grades 4 and up, high school
    and college students), Monique shares writing tips she wishes someone had
    shared with her when she was an aspiring author. Monique also discusses the
    inspiration behind some of her stories. And of course, expect Monique – who
    love stories – to tell some stories. You can also expect writing exercises.
    Monique is especially interested in personal memory as a source of inspiration.
    One of her exercises is designed to use personal memory to find the story
    participants in her workshops most need to tell!

    Monique can handle groups of any size! No special supplies needed – Monique’s only requirement is that students have paper and pen (or in the case of very young participants, crayons!).

    Contact Monique to book a visit:

      Vitalis, Jessica (Waterloo, ON)

      Writer’s Union, CANSCAIP, SCBWI. 45 to 60-minute virtual session: $250. In person: $300 (1 session—available in Waterloo region only), $600 (2 sessions), $850 (3 sessions), $1000 (4 sessions). Sessions may be split between nearby schools on the same day. Prices quoted do not include travel costs. (Travel costs waived in Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge and Guelph.)

      JESSICA VITALIS is a Columbia MBA-wielding author and presenter on a mission to write and share entertaining and thought-provoking literature. She founded Magic in the Middle, a series of free monthly recorded book talks, to help educators introduce young readers to new fantasy books. She was recently named a 2021 Canada Council of the Arts Grant Recipient and featured on CBCs Here and Now. The Wolf’s Curse and The Rabbit’s Gift are standalone companion novels published by Greenwillow/HarperCollins. Two more books, Coyote Queen, and an unnamed standalone, will follow in 2023 and 2024.

      When she’s not writing, Jessica’s favorite activity is talking about writing; her presentations are best suited for students grades four and up (and adults of any age). She is also available for festivals, conferences, and keynote speeches and can speak to issues ranging from SEL topics to grief and healing.

      Offerings include (but are not limited to):

      The Story Behind the Story: This interactive presentation includes the inspiration behind Jessica’s books, a short reading, stories of tenacity and perseverance related to her unusual childhood and 13-year journey to publication, and a peek at the revision process (including the most important tool in her writer’s toolbox!). Q&A included. For small or large groups (grades 4+).

      Stand Out From The Crowd: Creating Compelling Characters: In this hands-on writing workshop, participants look at what makes characters come alive in readers’ hearts and minds and learn how to develop memorable characters using the author’s secret technique to show and not tell. For smaller groups (ages 10 to adult).

      The Building Blocks of Story: Using the building blocks of story, we’ll work through a flexible pre-writing strategy that provides authors with a framework to draft a novel without bogging them down or making the drafting process feel too prescriptive. For small or large groups (adults only).

      “Jessica’s presentation was so inspiring and energizing for our fifth and sixth grade students! Her stories––both on and off the page––are magnetic. A couple of our more reluctant learners sought Jessica out after the talk to connect with her and have their photos takes. What a wonderful celebration of reading and writing!” -Elementary school librarian

      “Jessica did a beautiful presentation for my 7th grade reading classes. My students were engrossed! At the end, she answered all of their questions about being an author, the writing process, and everything in between! It was such a fantastic experience for my students!” – 7th Grade Teacher

      “[Jessica’s] presentation totally changed my life! It was so incredibly helpful and exactly what I needed for my writing.” -Workshop attendee

      Maximum group size: No limit on large group offerings. Smaller group offerings are better suited for individual school classes or conference breakout sessions.

      Venues: Flexible as long as a microphone and projection screen are available.

      Tech Requirements: Microphone (when necessary), digital projector and screen (most presentations are accompanied by PowerPoint slides; Jessica can either hook up with her laptop or bring in a flash drive), water, and lunch (for full day visits).

      Jessica looks forward to connecting with you!

      Contact Jessica to book a visit:

        West Lewis, Amanda (Perth, ON)

        Member of The Writer’s Union of Canada; Society of Children’s Book Authors and Illustrators (SCBWI); Canadian Society of Children’s Authors, Illustrators & Performers (Canscaip); Access Copyright; MASC Artist/Instructor

        AMANDA WEST LEWIS is a writer, theatre creator, calligrapher and experienced teaching artist who is passionately interested in exploring the world from the perspective of young people. Her most recent book These Are Not the Words, is a semi-autobiographical novel that uses prose, poetry, jazz and Shakespeare to confront addiction and mental health issues in the lower East side of Manhattan, 1963. Previous books include award nominated September 17 (about the City of Benares disaster, 1940) and The Pact (based on the true-life story of a young boy in Nazi Germany). Amanda has published eight books for young readers and was the Founder and Artistic Director of the Ottawa Children’s Theatre. She weaves her backgrounds in theatre and calligraphy to teach and present to students of all ages.

        Author Readings/Presentations

        “Dealing with War: Youth in Times of Conflict” (Grades 5 – 12/sec V).

        In this presentation, we will look at real-life events and people that inspired the novels September 17, The Pact, and Focus. Click. Wind. We’ll explore the stories of young people in England, Germany, the United States and Canada who had to face the challenges of World War 2 and the Vietnam War. Our themes will focus on propaganda, indoctrination, racism, survival and choice.

        Readings from September 17: A Novel, The Pact, and Focus. Click. Wind. will be followed by a Q & A.

        Equipment And Other Requirements: A projector compatible with a computer for a memory stick.

        “Jazz and The Tempest” (Grades 5 – 12/sec V)

        This presentation will show how different writing genres can be used to explore difficult topics. Working with the novel These Are Not the Words –– a semi-autobiographical novel in poetry and prose –– we’ll look at how the writing used sound and rhythm as a setting for themes of addiction and mental health. We’ll also discuss the role of memory, fact, and fiction in shaping an autobiographical novel.

        Readings from These Are Not the Words will be followed by a Q & A.

        Equipment And Other Requirements: A projector compatible a computer for a memory stick.

        Maximum 300 students

        One session: 50 minutes (incl. Q & A) $425 + HST
        Two-50 minute sessions $600 + HST
        Three-50 minute sessions $700 + HST

        WORKSHOPS:  Maximum 30 students

        WRITING FROM MEMORY: A poetry writing workshop (Grades 1 – 12/sec V)

        Memories are made of small moments. Working with memory moments, we can discover new ideas to form a base for creating stories.

        In this hands-on, collaborative workshop, we’ll start with the writing prompt: “What is your earliest memory?” Together, we’ll create a series of group poems that are both specific and personal. We’ll also look at examples of how this same memory prompt inspired the verse novel “These Are Not the Words.”

        The workshop explores ways that our memories and dreams can spark ideas and springboard us into larger writing projects.

        One Hour Session $300 + HST 

        One 2-hour session or Two 1-hour sessions $525 + HST

        Two 2-hour sessions $650 + HST 

        WHO’S IN THE PICTURE? (Grades 5 – 12/sec V)

        A picture can tell you a lot about a person. But it’s the writer who discovers who that person is and how they fit into a story. This workshop will use photographs and pictures to get participants creating characters and inventing unique and vibrant stories. You’ll dig deeper with some role-play and dialogue writing. But beware – characters often take on lives of their own and drag you off on unexpected adventures!

        One Hour Session $300 + HST 

        One 2-hour session or Two 1-hour sessions $525 + HST  

        Two 2-hour sessions $650 + HST 

        WHAT’S BEYOND? : Where Writing and Theatre Intersect (Grades 5 – 12/sec V)

        We can learn a lot about a character by what they don’t say. Conveying the space between words –– the pauses in life –– is an essential skill for any writer. Drawing on improvisation and drama games, this writing workshop will explore character motivation, points of view and dialogue as we discover the hidden meaning beyond the words.

        One Hour Session $300 + HST 

        One 2-hour session or Two 1-hour sessions $525 + HST

        Two 2-hour sessions $650 + HST 

        ILLUMINATED LETTERS: Where Writing and Art Intersect (Grades 5 – 12/sec V)

        The workshop starts by writing simple poems based on participants’ names. Students are then shown how to draw Versal letters in the style of 15th Century Books of Hours. These illuminated letters will be used to create a uniquely decorated poem. The workshop helps to develop a love and passion for letters, combining writing skills with artwork.   

        Workshop Equipment: Students require paper and pencil. Amanda will bring markers, coloured pencils, additional paper and handouts.

        One 2-hour session $450 + HST  

        Two 2-hour sessions $650 + HST 

        Contact Amanda to book a visit:

          Baird Warren, Jane (Ayer’s Cliff, Quebec)

          Jane Warren

          Writers’ Union Member. Also SCBWI, CANSCAIP, TWUC, CAA, QWF.

          Rates: $150 for one classroom session (grades 4-8), $350 for half-day workshop (grades 9-12, CEGEP). Plus a travel fee of $0.50/km. For Ontario, $0.50/km if outside Toronto. Book Club visit fee $150

          Travel from Toronto (though author lives in Quebec). All activities can be offered online.

          Located in Quebec, Jane is a former teacher, personal trainer and coach with BPE, BEd and an MFA in Creative Writing. She’s published short fiction and poetry and has been featured on CBC radio. Her debut children’s novel HOW TO BE A GOLDFISH deals with themes of family, relationships and bullying can expand to offer a gentle introduction to discussions about alternative families, homosexuality, feminism, forced adoptions and social justice. (Grades 4-7)

          How to be a goldfish by Jane Baird Warren

          Writing workshops

          Grades 4-8

          No Shaggy Dogs Here! A fun, hands-on workshop where students learn that a good story is not just a collection of events; characters matter! Working together we will develop a collective story outline. Students choose and develop their own protagonist then, armed with our story roadmap, they are free to navigate as their imaginations allow. Suitable for a class.

          Grades 9-12 (and CEGEP)

          Workshops are geared to the writer wanting to hone their craft and who may be considering continuing in the field of creative writing either at university or independently. These half-day workshops focus on the student’s own writing and work best when limited in size (10-15 participants).

          Book Club: Grades 4-7

          Jane is available for student book clubs/ classrooms wanting to discuss HOW TO BE A GOLDFISH. Discussions can follow the Study Guide (Scholastic Canada) or can be adapted as needed.

          Contact Jane for a visit:

            Sadler, Judy-Ann (London, Ontario)

            Judy-Ann Sadler (London, Ontario) is a member of The Writers’ Union of Canada, CANSCAIP, and Canadian Children’s Book Centre (CCBC). She presents (in English) to students in JK to grade 5 and beyond.


            • 1 session: $300
            • 2 sessions: $525
            • 3 sessions: $675
            • 4 sessions: $800

            These rates include craft supplies for 50 students per 1-hour session. Travel costs are extra. No HST. Rates for virtual visits are negotiable.

            Judy-Ann Sadler is the bestselling author of over 25 books for children that have sold over a million copies in various languages around the world.

            Ever since Judy-Ann can remember, she has loved to read, write and make things. She feels passionate about sharing stories and crafts with children. She knows that using your imagination and working with your hands encourages creativity, curiosity, resourcefulness, patience, passion and generosity. She feels that these are all qualities our children will need to help make the world a better place!

            Judy-Ann has presented to, and made crafts with, tens of thousands of children at schools, libraries and festivals. Here are a few examples of what she does during a presentation, but she always tailors her presentations to the needs of the students. She loves to keep her audience engaged and excited about books, crafts and stories!

            JK- grade 1: Read a picture book, show other books, show crafts from some of her books, take questions, make a craft.

            Grade 2-3: Read one of her picture books, show other books, show lots of crafts and chat about the joy of making things, answer questions, make a craft.

            Grade 4-5: Talk about and show samples of the many steps involved in putting together a good book, read a story, show her books and crafts, answer questions and hear about the creative activities and writing projects of the students. Make a craft!

            For presentation set-up, Judy-Ann requires a couple of tables at the front of the room, and tables with chairs for the students. She will present to a maximum of 50 students/two classes per session.

            Contact Judy-Ann to book a visit:

              Hughes, Susan (Toronto, ON)

              Writers Union Member. Canscaip. SCBWI. Fiction & NF, multiple Forest of Reading nominations. Multi awards. Mainly grades K to 6.

              Virtual visit: $200 (plus hst) for one session of 40-50 mins; and $150 for each additional session on the same day. Also, $220 (plus hst) for two back-to-back 30 min sessions with Kinders.

              Walking for Water: How One Boy Stood Up For Gender Equality is shortlisted for the Hackmatack English Non-Fiction Award.

              Susan is an award-winning author of over 30 children’s books (fiction and non-fiction), including picture books, chapter books, middle-grade novels, and YA novels—and even some graphic narratives (picture books and middle-grade). She runs through the local cemetery, where she glimpses coyotes and foxes; was dog- and horse-crazy as a kid; and no matter what’s she’s doing, would usually rather be reading.

              Susan’s books have won and been shortlisted for several awards, including the Silver Birch Express, Silver Birch Non-fiction, Red Maple, Red Cedar Information Book, Hackmatack, Prix des Libraires du Quebec (Jeunesse), Bank Street Best Children’s Books of the Year, TD Canadian Children’s Literature, Diamond Willow). Her books have received starred and recommended reviews from Kirkus, CCBC, CBC Books, Quill & Quire, School Library Journal, Resource Links, The Globe & Mail, CanLit for Little Canadians and CM Magazine.

              Susan loves chatting with young readers about her books, the writing and publishing process, and their own writing projects. Susan will read from one or more of her books, discuss the inspiration for her book and the writing, research, and publishing process, and engage in a lively Q and A with young students.  

              Readings from her book(s), plus Q&A’s with audience (20-30 mins for kinders; 30-50 mins for gr 1 and up)

              Suggestions of picture books for presentations:

              Same Here: The Differences We Share (gr 2 – 5)

              This MG informational picture book introduces readers to kids from around the world, the lives they lead, and the common needs that unite them. The child-centered narrative and evocative illustrations explore how education, family, free time, and other aspects of daily life look different depending on who you are and where you live.

              Themes: common needs, global connections, equality/equity, diversity, education, communication, socio-economic realities, social studies

              Walking for Water: How One Boy Stood Up for Gender Equality (gr 2 – 5)

              In this inspiring picture book story of individual activism (based on a real boy), Victor recognizes gender inequality when his sister must stop attending school — and decides to do something about it.

              Themes: equality, gender, children taking action, Malawi, fiction/ non-fiction, graphic novel, family, diversity, authenticity, experts, Citizen Kids, global connections

              Carmen and the House That Gaudi Built (gr 1 – 6)

              Carmen Batlló must move to the city, leaving behind her imaginary salamander—but then meets architect Antoni Gaudí. This picture book is inspired by the real Batlló family and the house Gaudí designed for them.

              Themes: fiction versus non-fiction, based on, imaginary friends, architecture, home, nature, moving, Antoni Gaudi, change

              What Happens Next (gr 2 -6)

              This picture book story is told by an unnamed protagonist who, when bullied by a girl at school, confronts the bully in a unique way— helping the bully see the world with a new perspective.

              Themes: bullying, emotions, empathy, non-gendered character, point-of-view, differences and similarities, courage

              Walking in the City with Jane: A Story of Jane Jacobs (gr 3 – 7)

              A fictionalized story of the life of Jane Jacobs, one of the world’s greatest urban thinkers and activists, this picture book is a terrific resource for exploring civic engagement, urban life, and the role of city planning.

              Themes: urban activist, ecosystem, grassroots, observer, perseverance, courage, citizenship, initiative, prison, biography, annual Jane Walks

              Up! How Families Around the World Carry their Little Ones (K to gr 2)

              A celebration of diversity, this non-fiction picture book depicts children being carried in many different ways by various family members in 10 places around the world.

              Themes: family, emotions, empathy, rural/urban, diversity, global connections

              Off to Class: Incredible and Unusual Schools Around the World  (gr 4 to 7)

              In this middle-grade non-fiction book, you’ll travel around the globe to visit some of the world’s most incredible schools (on boats, on train platforms, mobile schools, etc.) and meet the students who attend them.

              Themes: education, equality/equity, tough decisions, diversity, initiative, interviews, citizenship, global connections

              Virtual meetings can be on Zoom, Google meets, or Skype. Audience size: let’s discuss!

              Connect with Susan to book a visit:

                Collins, Peggy (Eastern Ontario)

                Peggy Collins is an Eastern Ontario based author and illustrator and college professor. She is a member of the Writers Union of Canada, the Society of Children’s book Authors and Illustrators (SCBWI), Canadian Association of Children’s Authors Illustrators and Performers (CANSCAIP) and the CCBC.

                Peggy creates every presentation to suit the age/grade and book (or books) for the presentation, and all presentations will be done in English. As a college professor and presenter for all ages there is a presentation for every age group available.

                At this time, virtual visits are preferred but eastern Ontario in-person visits will be considered. Rates: $250 for one session, $450 for two, $675 for three, $900 for a full day (four sessions). Plus a travel fee of $0.50/km if outside the Kingston/Belleville/piston area. Virtual visit fees range from $100 – $200

                Peggy Collins has written and/or illustrated a wide variety of books that reflect social awareness, STEAM content and foster an understanding of the greater world around us.

                Rooted in a sense of wonder and play, Peggy brings this curiousity into each classroom she visits, engaging children in the creation of their own stories and artwork. She is a firm believer that every story matters and works to make sure that children feel that after her workshops. Workshops can include story generation, illustration demos (with kids drawing along), process and editing – with examples from actual projects, readings, q and a and more.

                Peggy prefers to work with individual classes for workshops (15-35 students) in-person. Virtually, depending on the wishes of the class/school she can facilitate 2 or more at a time – however would prefer no more than two to allow time for the students to interact directly with her.

                For virtual presentations the classroom must have access to a camera and teams, Peggy will provide a link prior to session. Students must be ready to draw! For in-person visits, schools should have a smart board or presentation screen, a flip pad of paper and markers, and materials for the children to draw with. Peripheral teaching materials will be emailed to teachers prior to class as well. A teacher must be present at all times during and between the presentations.

                Contact Peggy to book a visit: