Kyi, Tanya Lloyd (Vancouver, B.C.)

Writers’ Union Member
Grades 4-12
$300+HST per presentation; $900+HST for a full day (four sessions); $200+HST for virtual

Tanya’s a funny and engaging storyteller, and her interactive presentations get kids excited about writing, creativity, and scientific discovery.

Tanya’s published more than 25 books for children and young adults. She writes both fiction and non-fiction, often choosing topics related to science, pop culture, or social history — or a combination of the three. Her favourite tales are those about rogue scientists, obsessed adventurers, and risk-takers who’ve changed the world.


Under Pressure: The Science of Stress is shortlisted for the 2021 Yellow Cedar Award (ON)

Mya’s Strategy to Save the World is shortlisted for the 2021 Red Cedar Award (BC), the 2020/2021 Chocolate Lily Award (BC), and the 2020/2021 Hackmatack Children’ s Choice Book Award (Atlantic Canada)

This Is Your Brain on Stereotypes is shortlisted for the 2020 Cybils Awards

Me and Banksy is a May 2020 Canadian Children’s Book Centre Reading List Pick and one of CCBC’s Fall 2020 Best Books for Kids and Teens

Several of Tanya’s presentations work well in-person or virtually. In Tanya’s “Under Pressure” presentation, there are fascinating facts about stress, wacky historical experiments in the name of research, and—most importantly—practical ways to address everyday anxiety. Students “interview” virtual scientists and experiment with five stress-busting methods during the presentation. In Tanya’s “This Is Your Brain on Stereotypes” session, she offers a sometimes silly and sometimes serious introduction to the science of stereotypes. The presentation covers the history of discrimination, secret biases in our brains, and how stereotypes affect our sense of self. Interactive sections help young people make sense of how and why we sort and classify the world around us — and how we might broaden our horizons.

Audience limits: 100+
Set-up requirements: a screen and projector; a table or desk for props

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    Singh, Rina (Toronto, ON)

    Rina SinghSCBWI and CANSCAIP Member. Kirkus & Publisher’s Weekly Starred Reviews 2018. Picture Books. Diverse Books. Non-Fiction.  Writing Workshops. Grade 3 and up. Rina’s rate is $250 for the first session, and $400 for the second session plus travel from Toronto. No travel costs within Toronto. She does not charge HST.

    Rina is offering virtual visits at the reduced rate of $200.

    Rina Singh is an award-winning Children’s Author and Spoken Word coach. She has an MFA in Creative Writing from Concordia University, Montreal, and a teaching degree from McGill University. She has written many critically acclaimed books for children. As a writer, she is drawn to real life stories about social justice and the environment.

    Grandmother School, (Orca Books) which won the BC & Yukon Prize for literature affirms the life-changing power of education. A Garden of Grenades, (Greystone Books) told in free verse, reimagines our troubled world through the lens of love and compassion. 111 Trees, (Kids Can Press) which won the Social Justice literature award and is nominated for the Yellow Cedar award celebrates the unfailing greatness of human spirit and inspires us to become eco-feminists.

    Her books have been translated in many languages and have received starred reviews from Kirkus, Publishers Weekly, and Booklist.

    Rina has done readings and workshops in schools, libraries, and literary festivals across Canada, including the TD Children’s Book Week. She has also presented at the Asian Festival of Children’s Content in Singapore and Reading for the Love of it in Toronto. She has been an arts educator for twenty-five years.

    Rina has done readings and workshops in schools, libraries, and literary festivals across Canada, including TD Children’s Book Week in 2012 and 2018. In 2014, she also presented at the Asian Festival of Children’s Content in Singapore and Reading for the Love of it in Toronto (2015). She is an Ontario Certified Teacher and has taught visual arts, drama, and creative writing in Toronto for 25 years. She is also a tdsbCREATES mentor artist for Spoken Word.

    BOOK TALK: Where do Stories Come From?
    In this 1-hour visual presentation, Rina looks back over her own life and career, and using examples of the books she has written, she asks the audience to think about where stories and ideas come from. She shows how a book comes together, from first idea, to first draft and through the re-writing process. The last twenty minutes of the presentation are interactive. This presentation will appeal even to the most reluctant readers.

    Writing Workshops (75 minutes)

    Option #1
    In this fast-paced workshop, participants will explore how they can use their own experiences and curiosity and create compelling stories and poems using lyrical language. The workshop will end with student readings.
    Grade 6-8 Preferred group size 30 students (for optimal interaction with students)

    Option #2
    Inspired by how Rina wrote her book – Holi Colors, she takes the participants on a fun and engaging journey where they explore colour through their own senses. It’s great for beginning poets and the workshop can be adapted with more sophisticated content for advanced writers.

    Grades 3-6 Preferred group size 30 students (for optimal interaction with students)

    Equipment Required

    Rina is comfortable presenting in a classroom, library, or auditorium. She requires a glass of water, a table to display books, a screen, laptop and LCD projector for Power Point. She requests that a librarian, teacher, or other school representative be present throughout the presentation.

    Contact Rina to book a visit: