Beiser, Tim (Toronto)

Tim Beiser is currently on break from author visits

Writers’ Union Member. Picture books, Blue Spruce & Governor General’s Award nominee. JK to Grade 3. $250 plus HST per 50-min session. $0.42/km travel fee for presentations not accessible by Toronto TTC.

If you’re looking for a lively, entertaining presenter for younger students, Tim Beiser is a great choice. This bestselling author of rhyming picture books educates as he entertains with a high-energy mix of stories, songs, puppets, and projections. Tim is comfortable presenting to any size group — be it 30 or 300 students — in any sized venue.

Tim Beiser’s appearances are often extemporaneous, based on the time allowed, the size of the audience, and the venue – and they’re always fun. Here’s an example of one of his typical 50-minute presentations: Tim starts by telling the children the curious story of how Bradley McGogg the Very Fine Frog came about, and then shows them a karaoke-style video and sings a new song crafted from the original comic poem that the book was based on. This is followed by a recitation of the published version of Bradley McGogg while showing projected animations of the illustrations.

As he leads the children in a discussion about the differences between the original poem and the finished story, they talk about the basics of storytelling and identify the major building blocks of narrative fiction.

The presentation concludes with a puppet theatre production of The Frog Prince with the aid of several children chosen from the audience. Tim is happy to create other kinds of entertaining presentations to fit the specific audience size, venue size, or time limits desired.

His appearances are geared to students in Nursery to Grade 3.

Audience size limits: 30-300. All venues.

Equipment and other requirements: Tim Beiser uses Windows Media Player video files in his presentation. He brings his own laptop would appreciate it if a projector with a screen (or a SmartBoard) would be available. An amplified sound system, if the venue is a gymnasium or auditorium, would be welcome as well.

Please note: BEISER rhymes with EXERCISER and TRANQUILIZER, not wheezer or sneezer.

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