Bailey, Linda (Vancouver BC)

Vancouver BC. Writers’ Union Member and eligible for subsidies. Vancouver BC. Writers’ Union Member and eligible for subsidies. Multiple award-winner across Canada including Blue Spruce (x2), Silver Birch and Arthur Ellis (x2) Awards, as well as in the U.S. (California Reading Medal, Georgia Storybook Award).

PLEASE NOTE: Linda is NOT currently doing visits

Rates: $350 for 1 session, $600 for 2, $850 for 3 (plus HST). Because Linda is from out of province, she must add $60 per session to help with out of province travel and accommodation. A day can be shared between two cooperating schools. Linda prefers to do a maximum of 3 sessions in a day. For the GTA (and Toronto bookings near GO stations), Linda can travel by GO TRAIN (not buses or subway) that travel both ways all day; she requires pick up and drop off at the GO stations. Where Go Trains are not feasible, car or taxi pick-up from Linda’s hotel is requested.

Linda is the author of 35 much-loved Canadian books including the Stanley-the-dog series. Other recent picture books include: Mary Who Wrote Frankenstein (Silver Birch Express nominee, 2020), If Kids Ruled the World (Blue Spruce winner, 2015!) and her 2017 bestseller, Carson Crosses Canada. Linda also loves to present Under-the-Bed Fred, a hilarious early chapter book, as well as her recent middle-grade novels, Seven Dead Pirates and The Tiny Hero of Ferny Creek Library, both of which received starred reviews.

An experienced, dynamic presenter, Linda uses a combination of humour, personal stories, interaction, Q&A and appealing slide shows to engage her audiences. For grades 1/2, she tells “the story of Stanley” (Stanley’s Party) to explain the writing/publishing process and asks “what if?” to encourage young readers/writers to explore themes and narratives in picture books such as Carson Crosses Canada and Under-the-Bed Fred.

For grades 3/4, she focuses mainly on Mary Who Wrote Frankenstein — how Mary Shelley wrote that famous book — and will take readers on her trip to England where she got to read the original manuscript of Frankenstein. She will also talk about monster stories in general, using Under-the-Bed Fred as an example.

For grades 5/6, Linda will focus on Mary as well as recent novels, Seven Dead Pirates and The Tiny Hero of Ferny Creek Library. How do a novel’s elements (character, setting, plot, theme) grow out of the writer’s life experience + active imagination? She will also invite students to explore point of view (a tiny bug, a painfully shy boy) and genre (what makes ghost stories and quests so appealing?).

Grade Levels: 1 through 6

Maximum number of students per session: 60 for grades 1 & 2, 80 for older grades

Setting: school library or classroom (no gyms, please!)

Requirements: digital projector, screen or Smartboard, small table. Lunch, thank  you, on a full-day visit.

Please email us to book Linda Bailey: