Wishinsky, Frieda (Toronto)

Writers’ Union Member. Author of 60+ books available for school and library presentations Her rate is $350 for one session, $600 for two, $850 for three and $1000 for four, plus HST.

Frieda prefers to take public transit outside of Toronto and those costs will be added to her fee. On the rare occasion that she drives, kilometrage will apply. Here’s what Teacher/Librarian Margaret Litch of Nanaimo, B.C. has to say about Frieda: “Frieda was a delight! She captivated my grade 2’s with her energy, and her winning manner with children. She transformed them into actors which had them talking for days about the story she helped them act out. Her writing speaks to children’s real world as well as their imagination and especially to their sense of humour. I have also had Frieda for older students and she is equally comfortable talking about the writing process and sharing stories. I would recommend Frieda Wishinsky for any school author presentation with confidence.”

Presentation Details 1. Schools and Libraries Frieda’s presentations are fast-paced, interactive, humorous and geared to each group’s level and interests. She uses storytelling, drama, personal stories, chanting, rhyming, props and a lively Q&A to engage her audience about fiction, non-fiction and the writing process. Her teaching background is invaluable when speaking to students of all ages. Grades: Kindergarten- Grade 7 Maximum number of students per session: 20-100 Setting: Classroom or the school library. (No gym, please!) Requirements: Table and water. For larger audiences (over 80), the use of a microphone is appreciated (clip-on preferable) 2. Writing Workshops “Hands-on” workshops for young authors and adults. 3. Professional Development Frieda has presented at professional development events across Canada, and in the US. She loves sharing her experiences, teaching background and “what she’s learned along the way” with her audiences. Some Possible Topics: Great Books-Spring Boards for Writing Every Child a Storyteller You Can Be a Writer Too! How to Use Personal History in Storytelling The Power of Stories in a Changing World How to Write with a Buddy Email us to book Frieda: