Wilson, Janet (Eden Mills ON)

Writers’ Union Member. Author/illustrator: social, aboriginal, and environmental justice; multi-award winner; all ages. $350 + HST for 1 60 minute session, $550 for 2, $750 for 3, and $950 for 4, + $25 flat mileage.

Schools can arrange to split the day with a nearby school for additional savings. Virtual Skype Visits: $150 + HST, 60 minutes. “Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Janet Wilson. She brings a personal, friendly, gentle manner…which conveys the message of the power of the individual to help others and be a wonderful, responsible human being.” Janet’s passion for social justice, as well as visual art, qualifies her as an inspiring and versatile speaker. She has written and/or illustrated over 50 multi award-winning children’s books.”

Presentation Details

“Inspirational!…Helpful and hopeful!….Janet did such a great job captivating the children. She also did that for me!…You and your books send such a strong message about how small positive changes can make such a big difference in the students’ world and the worlds of others…Janet switched between stories, pictures, and videos to keep the students’ attention… They could not stop talking about it. They loved the stories and were very inspired.” The secret of Janet’s success is simple—let young activists deliver profound and powerful messages in their own voices to inspire leadership and compassion. The presentations are designed to support many Curriculum Expectations and are suitable for special occasions, such as Remembrance, Earth, and Aboriginal Day. Presentation Themes The Hero Within: True heroes don’t need capes or radio-active rodent bites. They just need big hearts and the courage to take action against unfairness and injustice. Janet provides the compassionate role models who have made a difference in the world. First Nations: Shannen Koostachin’s grade 8 class launched a national campaign for the right to a decent school in Attawapiskat First Nation—and won! This important true story raises awareness of contemporary FN issues such as inequality in education and services, the truth about Aboriginal history and treaty rights, and the impact of residential schools. Environment: Eco-activists, such as 13-year-old Severn Cullis-Suzuki and her speech that ‘silenced the world’, raise awareness of issues such as climate change, and intergenerational and economic injustice. They show that working together and making positive choices, even small efforts can improve their world. Peace and Child Rights: Global Peace education is the best solution to reach Peace in the world. Young activists show kids how they can be leaders, solve problems, and create a better world through ‘the power of one’. Inspiring Young Hearts and Minds: This combines the previous 4 themes; introduces challenges facing children around the world and encourages students to become compassionate and empathetic global citizens. Drawing, art, and the creative process: Basic instruction and encouragement in drawing with a portrait demonstration (the sketch is for your school); the process of an illustration from concept to finished art. Workshops sizes are limited. Professional Development Workshops and Keynotes Janet has over twenty-five years’ experience in speaking to teachers and librarians, faith groups, universities and colleges, and arts and service organizations. Venues: Flexible, but the library if possible. Audience: Recommended grade divisions: 1-3, 4-6, 7-8, and secondary. Numbers are flexible. (75-100 optimum.) 150+ is considered a keynote ($550). Equipment: a digital projector with speakers for PowerPoint, screen, tap water, small table for props, microphone for questionable acoustics.

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