Skuy, David (Toronto)

Silver Birch winner and nominated for multiple awards. Grades 3 – 8. Sport-oriented fiction. $250 per session, or $450 for a half day plus travel from Toronto. 

David writes realistic intermediate fiction, for kids aged 8 – 14. He is an experienced presenter and workshop leader. His visits are always highly interactive and fun, and can be adapted to any sized group or situation. His works feature strong male and female protagonists, generally with a sports theme.

David offers a wide variety of presentations depending on the grade level and audience size.

Here are two examples of his most popular presentation and workshop:
You Have Great Ideas! (Presentation)
David uses examples from his own work to show kids that they all have great ideas, and that they can use those ideas whenever they want to do something creative. He uses his original, handwritten manuscripts to show how ideas develop, morph, and change over the course of writing a book — and most of all how bad ideas often lead to the best ideas. Where available, David incorporates pictures, audio, and screen shots of edits. Kids will be inspired to write after this presentation because the Idea is demystified and made easy — and they leave with a few simple to use techniques that allow them to come up with fun ideas for stories every time they sit down to write creatively. This presentation can be made to any sized audience.

How to Write an Awesome Story (Workshop)
Kids often struggle to write stories, especially in class. David provides a series of practical solutions to this problem — the kids will even come up with their own fantastic story during the Workshop — so that story writing will no longer seen as some horrible task. The workshop is very interactive, as David teaches the kids how they can use events from their own lives to craft highly-engaging, interesting, and compelling stories. The workshop is best-suited to kids in grades 5 and above, with a maximum of thirty kids.

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