Dalrymple, Lisa (Fergus ON)


Writers’ Union Member. Picture book author, Middle grade author, Crystal Kite winner, K-8. Lisa’s rate is $450 for two 1-hour presentations) $650 for three or $750 for four plus travel from Fergus. (No costs for travel within Centre Wellington and Guelph.)

About Lisa Lisa travels all over Canada and as far south as Grenada and St. Lucia, presenting to students from pre-school to grade eight. She was recently selected to tour British Columbia with TD Canada’s Children’s Book Week. Lisa enjoys using performance, visuals, and audience interaction tailored to the circumstances of each presentation to create a fun and interactive event. Presentations Each interactive presentation is tailored to each particular group. However, it often includes an element of visual story-telling and/or songs which draw out the themes in Lisa’s books. Presentations are structured but informal and Lisa welcomes and encourages audience participation.
Presentations: Preschool-Grade 8. Max. size 100+; 45 for JK-G1. (For JK-G1, two 30-minute sessions may be substituted for one 1-hour presentation.)
Workshops: Grades 6-8. Max. 30 participants.
Venue flexible: classroom, library or auditorium.
It is often the most fun if there is available
a flip chart
a projector and screen (for larger audiences)
a black or white board (for workshops only)
Themes for presentations vary but may include: “Home Home Habitat” (Environment Presentations) Skink on the Brink; any of the polar bear books Centered around an endangered resident of Ontario, the Common Five-lined Skink, these presentations explore issues of habitat protection, endangered species and environmental conservation. “The Story Behind My Stories” Skink on the Brink and Jungle Jitters Lisa’s road to becoming an author required a lot of perseverance, research and luck. It actually began when she was 8! This presentation addresses how authors “find” ideas; the role of research in fiction and non-fiction writing; and the challenges and rewards of work as an author. “The Creation of a Picture Book” Skink on the Brink and Double Trouble at The Rooms Picture books are a unique marriage of words and art, each with a carefully selected medium, and many with additional stories told by the illustrations. This presentation works well should the school wish to expand upon Lisa’s visit with a self-directed art day. Directional support is available upon request. Writer’s Workshop (Grades 6-8) A discussion of where ideas come from, how to find them and how to flesh them out into the concept for an entire story. This presentation highlights Character, Setting and Plot and is followed by a workshop component that further addresses the shape of a story. Email to contact Lisa: