Lewis, Robin Baird (Guelph ON)

Writers’ Union Member. Illustrator of Fiction and NF, & Canadian Classic Red is Best, longest backlist Canadian childrens’ lit list, IODE winner. All ages. Robin’s rate is $325 plus HST for one session, $498 (+HST) for two sessions. Add $250 for each additional session, plus travel up to 60 km from Guelph.

Robin’s enthusiasm and unique speed of execution stuns audiences young and old, regularly. With just a marker and chart paper she conjures up richly detailed line illustrations inspired by audience suggestions, while simultaneously discussing the intricacies of the process for fiction and instructional illustration. Themes by grade level: JK to 2: 30-40 minutes session with lots of demonstrations inspired by the audience’s participation. Animals images inevitably figure largely. Q&A option possible if audience comprehends those two concepts. 2 to 4: 40 minutes broken into several demonstration from audience participation, an explanation of the Illustrator as Questioner, plus a Q&A session. 5 to 8: Demonstration to establish focus and then a very practical talk on Why Illustration Matters, touching on learning styles, how it can help one’s ability to learn, to gain respect, to earn respectable living in the vast array of media available today and into the future. 9-12: Audiences are often surprised to hear that with neither art school training nor formal secondary school graduation, Robin symbolizes the classic determined and self-directed talent who carefully monitored the contemporary scene and exploited her own strengths in the School of Life. And while she has three academic degrees, teaching 20 years of Applied Visual Arts & Design meant she also could involve her students in real world issues any illustrator faces for their immense benefit. A select list of Robin’s books are used to explain tips on breaking through the Creative Block and the subtle use of illustration to solve problems. She also offers advice to the novice on training and career options, self-marketing and how to deal with or avoid the infamous Clients From Heck. The library assembly corner is preferred in all venues. Equipment required: a large (ideally unlined) flip chart pad on a sturdy display stand, with back up markers, a large flat table for display of varied products, some water, microphone optional if acoustics problematic, and if staying over the noon hour, a modest (sandwich) lunch and coffee. Email us to book Robin: