Körner, Miriam (La Ronge SK)

Writer’s Union Member. La Ronge, SK. Writer and Illustrator. Picture Book and MG/YA. Northern life-style and history, sled dogs, adventures, trap-line life. $350 for one session, $500 for two, $700 for three and $800 for four sessions including travel for Toronto bookings in mid May.

Miriam will travel by Go Transit to venues in the GTA but requests a pick-up/drop-off at the GO station. Skype rate: $ 125 for a 45 minute presentation.

Miriam loves to share her passion for northern Canadian wilderness, sled dogs, adventures and life in the north when sled dogs were the only winter transportation for many northern peoples. She has travelled thousands of miles by dog team and canoe in Canada’s Far North and her stories come to life through sharing her own adventures and the deep respect for the people she meets along her journeys. The lessons learned by listening to the land, to the people who make it their home and her journey to find how she fits into this emerging country – how we all fit in – weave into her writing and storytelling. Presentations: Miriam’s presentation to Yellow Dog (Grade 4 to 8) includes a slideshow highlighting what inspired her to write Yellow Dog, the process of becoming a writer (or nearly not becoming a writer), and why she loves to live in a remote northern community. She will also read from her novel and engage students in a Q+A discussion. When the Trees Crackle with Cold (co-authored by Bernice Johnson-Laxdal) (k-4) includes a powerpoint presentation of the picture book with oral storytelling to each moon/month, practicing of the Cree moon names (y-dialect), insight into the illustration process and an engaging Q+A discussion. Workshops: Writing (k-12): From Story Idea to First Draft. Miriam offers writing/storytelling workshops adaptable from k -12. She creates a collaborative story with each group. By the end of a sixty-minute (40 minutes for k-2) workshop students will have developed characters, story arch and understand the difference between a character’s wants and needs. Her unique method brings out unexpected stories (for her and the students) and taps deep into the creative process. Writing & Illustrating: This 40-60-minute workshop is adaptable for k-6. It is based on the picture book When the Trees Crackle with Cold(a book about a family’s traditional activities according to the Woodland Cree moon calendar, that won the 2017 Gold Medal in the Moonbeam multi-cultural non-fiction category), but no prior knowledge is necessary. The students will create a page of their own favourite seasonal activities setting it into context with nature’s cycle and then create an illustration to accompany their writing. Maximum group size: Presentations to younger grades: 40-50. Presentations to older grades: 80-100. Workshops: Class size (maximum 30). Equipment required: a table, water, laptop & projector for Powerpoint, microphone for larger groups or in the gym. For writing and illustration workshop: Arts materials for each student. (Media depends on teacher’s preference and age-group). Please ask for a material list. Contact Miriam Körner: