Kelly, J.M. (BC)

Writers Union Member. MG & YA writer, actress, and playwright. 2018 White Pine Award nominee for Speed of Life. Grades 6-12. Half day (2 sessions): $525+$110 travel. Full day (4 sessions or 3 sessions & lunch with a book club or writing group) $800+$200 travel. No HST

Joëlle will be in Toronto and available for bookings around the Festival of Trees 2018. She will need to be picked up and returned to whatever subway/bus/train station is nearest the event location.

J.M. Kelly is the pen name for Joëlle Anthony. Born in Portland, Oregon, she now lives on a tiny island in BC. Speed of Life is a White Pine nominee, hailed by Publisher’s Weekly as: a believable portrait of blue-collar teens struggling to make it work against tough odds. She’s also the author of the MG novel, A Month of Mondays, which is a 2017 OLA Forest Kid Committee Summer Reading List pick. Author Presentations: Using her background as an actress and playwright, Joëlle has created two performance pieces about her writing life and process. She has presented her talks to groups as small as two and as large as 300. Chose from: Speed of Life- How I Wrote This Book in 21 Days (plus two years of thinking about it!) Start Anywhere & Don’t Stop – A guided tour of my writing life and the books I’ve written. Joëlle also offers Small Group Workshops and a Lunch Option. She teaches writing to students from Grade 6 to Adult, from beginners to professionals, and would be thrilled to do small-group writing workshops in your school. Lunch* with the Author – counts as one session, 40-60 minutes Joëlle will kick off the lunch period with a 10-15 minute introduction and then sit down to eat and enjoy an informal chat with the students. Perfect for writing groups, book clubs, or any small group. *Vegetarian lunch provided for Joëlle by the host Small Group Workshops – (30 participants max) 45-60 minutes Writing with Sensory Detail – A hands-on writing workshopdesignedtoget students writing about all five senses. Requires host to provide each student with an orange. Something From Nothing –A mix of fun exercises to generate story ideas and get your writing moving when you’re stuck! Requirements – For large assemblies Joëlle will require a microphone/sound system appropriate for the space. For workshops, she needs a flip chart and markers, or a whiteboard or chalkboard. Some workshops have specific requirements and she can let you know about at the time of booking. Other than that, she just needs lots of water and a vegetarian lunch if she’s going to do a full day. Email to contact Joëlle: