Kay, Edward (Toronto)

Writers’ Union Member. I Am Canada and screenwriter. Grades 4 to 8. $300 for one session, $550 for two, $750 for three, and $900 for four (plus HST). No travel charges within the GTA.

In the course of his career in the creative arts, Edward has written for Rick Mercer, learned to swing on a flying trapeze, survived a death stall in a Cessna, a four-day dogsledding expedition in -37 temperatures, and an accidental booking into a biker party.

Presentation Details I do a presentation and workshop entitled, “Where Do You Get Your Funny Ideas From?” which is based on answering the question I am asked most frequently by children about writing. As the title implies, the orientation is on comedy, though it is a useful workshop for learning how to use the imagination in any writing context. The presentation will involve the students directly, with specific exercises for them to find funny things to write about, create funny characters, learn how to play with language and ideas to create jokes with setups and punchlines, and how to create stories with comedic arcs. I also do a history oriented presentation for Sink and Destroy, which was released by Scholastic to coincide with the 75th anniversary of the onset of WW2. I give a one-hour presentation including a reading of the book along with archival slides and video showing Canada during WW2 and the Battle of the Atlantic. I include a discussion of the veterans I interviewed to write this work of historical fiction and the difference between using “primary sources” – i.e., eyewitnesses and using other sources. The Q & A can cover anything of interest to students, but can be specifically geared to discussing the importance of this aspect of Canadian history, how the war affected kids their age. As a science writer, I am well equipped to discuss the amazing role played by science in winning the conflict – including some fascinating interactive exercises in writing and breaking codes. The nature of war itself can be discussed, including the surprising acts of compassion shown by combatants on both sides as recounted by the veterans in this book, and astoundingly, even a real-life friendship that developed between former enemies as a result of direct contact during the sinking of a German submarine. For schools in the GTA and southern Ontario, it may also be possible through special arrangement to bring in a naval veteran to discuss his experiences with students. This presentation is suited to audiences from grades 5 through 8. Age: Grade 4 to Grade 12 Maximum number of students per presentation: 100 (35 for humour writing workshops) I am comfortable presenting in: classroom, library, auditorium. Equipment and other requirements For Sink and Destroy, I require a projector for Power Point presentations. For the Where Do You Get Your Funny Ideas From? humour writing workshop, I need a blackboard and chalk, as well as a DVD player and television for showing some age-appropriate comedy writing in completed form. I request that a librarian, teacher or other school representative be present throughout the presentation. Edward was a comedy writer and producer on the hit political satire series, This Hour Has 22 Minutes, during its four most successful seasons. Since then, he has gone one to create three hit television series for kids, including Jimmy Two Shoes (Teletoon, Disney XD) and the comedy inflected science series, Finding Stuff Out (TVO) starring Harrison Houde from YTV’s hit comedy series, Some Assembly Required. He is the author of three YA novels and has been an author/reader at Toronto’s Word On The Street literary festival. His newest novel, an adult crime series entitled Verraday, has just been optioned as a television series. Virtual Visits: $150.00 +HST for one hour. Skype. Email us to book Edward: