Jocelyn, Marthe (Stratford ON)

Writers’ Union Member. Sneaky artist! TD Award? & Vicky Metcalf Award winner. All ages. MartheJocelynwp1 Marthe’s rate is $400. for a one hour session, speaking or art instruction, or $700. for two sessions, plus HST.

For art workshops there is also a flat fee for materials of $20. per group per session. Travel costs from Stratford are negotiable. An overnight stay requires accommodation. Marthe grew up in Toronto and lived in New York city for thirty years. She has published more than 35 books and has visited schools all over North America. Marthe is a versatile, congenial presenter with books for all readers – from primary grades through teens, from picture books to non-fiction and novels. She leads workshops in collage that result in triumph for every artist.

Presentation details: Due to Marthe’s wide range of books and skills, she provides several different workshops. She likes to tailor her presentations to each audience and is extremely happy to discuss the content with educators beforehand. With younger children, she reads aloud from picture books, shares many visuals through power point, and talks about how a book is made. For book talks with middle grade students and teens, Marthe can present a survey of her many books or focus on just one or two, depending on the classroom needs and interest. All presentations contain lots of images and have room for dialogue depending on audience size. Topics can include: Where ideas come from, revision, getting from the idea to finished manuscript, doing research, and having a job that you can do in your p?a?jamas. Sneaky Art Workshops: Is there a sneaky artist in you? Of course there is! This workshop – for grades 3, 4, 5 , or for teachers who are nervous about teaching art – is meant to encourage a new way of approaching art. Not just making it, but sharing it with friends and strangers? by leaving it in unexpected places. ?Marthe begins? with a brief power point presentation of sneaky art that is already out there in the world, moves on to showing? ?her own, and then have the kids – or grownups – ?create sneaky projects to be proud of. Sneaky art is not: mean, defacing, ugly, hurtful, messy, or permanent. Sneaky Art is not: graffiti or marking up someone else’s property. Sneaky art is: funny, clever, thoughtful, temporary, subversive, playful, and surprising! Equipment and other requirements:? (for school & library? visits) Projector for Power Point presentation with a screen and adequate extension cord. (This will be confirmed with each booking). For art workshops, each participant needs scissors, ?white? glue ? (not glue sticks)?, and a table or desk (ie. not the floor) to work on. ?Marthe provides?? most collage materials, but often teachers like to arrange for supplies to be brought from home as well. A librarian, teacher or other school representative should be present throughout the presentation. During art workshops, more than one extra adult should be present. Send us an email to book Marthe Jocelyn: