Godkin, Celia (Frankville ON)

Writers’ Union Member. Author/illustrator of information story books on natural science, grades K-6. Fees: $250 plus HST per reading, plus expenses ($0.42/km for travel if driving).

Celia has enjoyed a number of complementary and overlapping careers that combine her love of art and nature. She’s worked as a biologist, a natural science illustrator, and a teacher of studio arts courses. However, the work that gives her the greatest sense of fulfillment and for which she’s best known is as the author and illustrator of award-winning children’s nature books. BOOK READINGS Presentations involve reading one of the books listed below, accompanied by projected images of the illustrations. This is followed by a question and answer period and then – depending on the school’s interests and requirements – Celia usually talks about how a book is put together, including the research, writing and illustration process. As an alternative for younger grades (K-2) she tells the story of Flying Lessons with puppets. Skydiver: Saving the Fastest Bird in the World. The inspiring story of how the peregrine falcon was saved from the brink of disaster. Hurricane! The impact of severe storms on wildlife and how natural habitats help to protect human communities. Fire! The Regeneration of a Forest. Forest ecology and the impact of fires on forest plants and animals. When the Giant Stirred: Legend of a Volcanic Island. Polynesians read the signs of an imminent volcanic eruption and respond appropriately. How life returns to the island after it is destroyed. Sea Otter Inlet. The kelp forest ecosystem and why sea otters are an essential part of it. Ladybug Garden. Harmful and beneficial insects and why pesticides may not be the best way to get rid of garden pests. Wolf Island. A story in which wolves are the good guys. Food chains, food webs and population dynamics. EQUIPMENT: Setup for power point presentation; laptop, projector and screen. ROOM: The ideal room is one large enough to accommodate the audience comfortably, with good acoustics; ideally a carpeted floor. The room should be one which can be darkened sufficiently for good viewing of images. For large rooms with poor acoustics, please provide a microphone and extra large screen. AUDIENCE: 30 – 60 children, grades K – 6, recommended but negotiable.   Email us to book Celia Godkin