Falcone, LM (Toronto)

Former children’s television writer, author of middle-grade spooky fiction and detective mysteries for Grades 1 – 4. Silver Birch winner. Multiple awards. Ages 7 – 12. 1 session $300, 2 sessions $500 3 sessions $700, plus travel.

LM Falcone wrote for children’s television shows such as The Littlest Hobo and Nickelodeon’s Are You Afraid of the Dark? This lead into award-winning, scare-your-pants-off middle-grade novels. Her books include The Mysterious Mummer, Walking with the Dead, and The Midnight Curse. LM is currently writing a new kid-detective chapter book series, The Ghost and Max Monroe. Grab your magnifying glass and jump in!

Presentation Details SPOOK-A-LICIOUS! (For Middle-Grades) Four hot spooky books and a hit television series all get discussed and dissected in this fast-moving, interactive presentation. As a former television writer and now an author, I use videos, novels and comics to cover the many types of writing. Also in the presentation: Creating Juicy Problems/Fun Characters/Handy Tips/Research/ Brainstorming/Editing and Publishing. I read from my novels and talk about the importance of inspiration and imagination. My presentation runs one hour. WHODUNIT? (For Grades 2 – 4) Mysteries appeal to kids of every age. They love to solve puzzles, and nothing is more satisfying than the feeling they get when pieces finally start to fit and a picture begins to form. In my lively Whodunit? presentation I focus on my comedic, kid detective series The Ghost and Max Monroe. Students will be introduced to the mystery genre. Topics explored are: Vocabulary (sleuth – alibi – motive etc) Characters (detective – sidekick – suspects) Elements of Writing a Mystery (crime – victim – clues etc.) Interactive portion: Students will get to flex their memory skills and also solve a mini-mystery. Specifics: Maximum audience size: 3 classes (approximately 90 to 100 students) I am comfortable in a classroom, library, auditorium or gym Presentation requirements: Chalkboard or chart paper. A table to display my materials. TV & DVD or VCR for Spook-a-Licious presentation.

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