Davis, Aubrey (Toronto)

Writers’ Union Member. Fiction picture book storyteller multi-awards all ages. Aubrey’s rate is $375 for one session, $600 for two, $850 for 3 and $1,000 for four plus HST plus travel from Toronto.

For over 35 years, Aubrey has presented to people of all ages across North America. He loves to tell and rewrite traditional tales that make people think. Bottomless and often very funny, these ancient stories have endured because they’ve helped us understand our selves and our world. They still call to what’s best within us all. Perhaps this why his books have received so many glowing reviews and awards.

“Aubrey Davis defies superlatives. His repertoire is amazing and his ability to hold the audience’s attention is legendary. He can tell stories to preschoolers and elementary school students as well as their parents….He is very creative and chooses his stories to match the audience in front of him. The adults (teachers, parents, older students) were as mesmerized as were the children.” Penny Fransblow, Head: Norman Berman Children’s Library, Montreal, April 2012 Presentations: Aubrey tells stories from his books together with other traditional tales to people of all ages. He adapts his programs to suit the listener. With younger children, he tells simple, enticing participatory tales together with lively poems, chants and language games. For older audiences he tells more thought provoking stories, often laced with humour. With Jewish audiences he tells the tales unique to Jewish culture and those they share with other peoples. Workshops: Humans are storytelling creatures. At all times and places people have told stories to communicate, understand and learn. It’s our nature to do so. Aubrey’s workshops build on innate, often unrecognized abilities to teach participants how to tell, write or learn through oral narrative. He adapts his workshops to suit the audience. No limit on audience size, but I may have to adjust fees for groups over 75. I’ll need a small display table or stand, armless chair or stool and water. With large audiences I’ll need a microphone: headset, lapel or on a stand. Not handheld. Aubrey is also available for virtual visits. Contact him to discuss details. Email to contact Aubrey Davis: