Cohen, Marina (Markham ON)

Writers’ Union Member. Middle Grade/YA Fiction & NF. Red Maple Honour Book. Writing workshops. Grades 4 and up. Marina’s rate is $275 per session plus travel from Markham. Travel costs within the GTA may be waived.

Marina Cohen is the author of several fantasy and horror novels for kids and teens. She grew up in Scarborough, Ontario, where she spent far too much time asking herself What if… In elementary school, her favourite author was Edgar Allen Poe and she aspired to write similar stories. She is drawn to the fantastical, the bizarre, and all things creepy.

Presentation Details

My Path To Publication (grades 4+) Exciting, engaging, and interactive, Marina takes students along on her bumpy road toward publication. The ultimate message is one of perseverance. Using audience participation and drama, Marina includes a mini-workshop demonstrating four techniques she uses to create suspenseful scenes.

The Facts in my Fiction (grades 7+) Using her novel, Mind Gap, Marina demonstrates the writing process from conception to publication—a process which began as a creepy incident in Europe twenty years earlier and developed through various forms and genres including a short story, a French play, and ultimately a YA novel. Using audience participation, Marina includes a mini-workshop on Voice.

Other available Workshops:

  • The Plot, Pace, and Pourquoi of Paranormal Writing
  • Getting Published 101: 10 DOs and DON’Ts for emerging writers
  • Parent workshop: Encouraging Literacy at Home
  • Grade 12 Writers’ Craft Workshops
  • Bullying: Who really has the power to stop it? (Marina uses her novel Chasing the White Witch as well as her personal experience published in the anthology DEAR BULLY: Seventy Authors tell their stories)

Equipment and Other Requirements Marina is comfortable presenting in a classroom, library, gym, or auditorium. She requires a projector and screen, as well as a table to display books and other items.   Email us to book Marina: