McLeod, Cinders (Toronto)

Writers’ Union Member and author-illustrator of the Moneybunnies financial literacy for young children series, published by Penguin N.Y. Cinders McLeod is also a well known human rights cartoonist and musician.

$300 for one 60 minute session, $550 for two, $800 for 3, $1000 for four. Maximum 4 sessions per day and minimum 2 (plus travel costs) if outside GTA. 4 sessions can be split between neighbouring schools. JK to SK: Two 30-minute sessions  counts as one. A Moneybunnies Diary for each child is included in these rates. Virtual Visits: $150 per 60 minute session. Cinders presents to JK to Grade 3. Single class size is best for discussion, but Cinders is flexible.

Special promotion: Lunch, Laugh, Learn. If your school books Cinders for 4 sessions in a day, Cinders will meet with interested parents during an informal lunch hour to share stories and ideas on children’s financial literacy. Parents bring their own packed lunch.

Cinders has 20 years experience in Canadian and British books and newspapers, is the creator of the 8-year-old Broomie Law cartoon and one of the few published, women political cartoonists in the world. She is also an experienced performer (singer, songwriter, double-bassist with a record on Billy Bragg’s label) and cartoon workshop presenter. She wrote and illustrated EARN IT! SPEND IT! SAVE IT! and GIVE IT! for ages 3-8 because it’s never too early to teach children about money. EARN IT! is popular with educators for STEM learning.

Presentation & Workshop:

Cinders begins her workshop with a reading of EARN IT! Bun wants to be RICH and FAMOUS! Will that happen overnight? NO! Does she have to earn it? YES! Bun’s mom quietly reminds Bun that most good things, like the garden they are growing, take time, work and come with their own reward of self-worth. Cinders uses the book’s theme to discuss what the children want to do when they grow up and why it’s important to do what they love to do. Cinders talks about the challenge of being a woman cartoonist and double bassist, but how she sticks at it because she loves it. She also looks at the process of working towards a goal and earning money.

With help from EARN IT! and the companion Moneybunnies Diary (an accounts book primer), Cinders explores what paid chores the children could do around their home and how to keep track of their earnings. Cinders uses the international bunny currency of carrots in her books but in her workshops touches lightly upon subjects like Canada’s currency as well as delayed gratification, personal responsibility for one’s success, personal wealth not equalling personal worth and the importance of sharing. Activities include colouring in cartoon-graphics, reading and, ability permitting, filling in their Moneybunnies Diaries. At the end of the workshop the children will have their own cartoon-graphics, Moneybunnies Diary and EARN IT! label (to create their own EARN IT! jar) to take home with them. And, with hope, they will inspire money conversations with their own families.

Set-up requirements: a classroom or library, photocopies of cartoon-graphics to colour in (I send pdfs in advance), colour pencils…and mid-morning start during winter months.

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