Becker, Shelly (Toronto)

Author of rhyming picture books. $250 for one 45-60 minute session, $450 for 2, $650 for 3, $850 for 4. (Plus HST.) For younger kids, I’m happy to substitute 2 shorter sessions in place of a full session. No travel expenses in Toronto. Skype visits available.

Shelly Becker is the author of Sterling’s EVEN SUPERHEROES HAVE BAD DAYS (a 2018 Blue Spruce Award Nominee), which KIRKUS called “an action-packed romp,” and MINE! MINE! MINE!, which has been included in many “top 5” and “top 10” lists of books to teach the concept of “sharing” over the years. In addition, Shelly is the author of more than 15 children’s novelty books.



Based on Shelly’s newest book, Even Superheroes Have Bad Days.


Presentation includes a reading of Even Superheroes Have Bad Days with discussion, props, and role-play. Students learn that superheroes make SUPER choices. The Superhero Calming Kit helps Little Superheroes calm themselves when feeling mad or sad. Shelly also shares the incident that inspired her to write the book, and a fun secret hidden in the illustrations.

Grade 1-3

Includes everything in the JK-SK presentation, more in-depth, more interactive. Students also gain an overview of the process of picture book development. Shelly shares and compares early drafts of text and illustrations and shows the color proofs. Q&A.

Grades 4-6

Building on the presentations for younger students with more mature, more in-depth discussion and activities. Q&A.

Also available for grades 4-6: Writing With Rhythm And Rhyme. This workshop covers the elements of rhythm and rhyme, a study of bad rhyme vs. good rhyme, and hands-on practice,  instruction, and encouragement.

Other Topics Available: custom workshops on any aspect of writing and the path to publication, including practical information and inspiration.

Required equipment: Projector for PowerPoint & stand, table for props, water, microphone, if necessary for group size and room size, Shelly brings her laptop but please have a laptop available as backup, if needed. (Even laptops have bad days!)


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